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A Family of Faith on Mission 
                February 2017

Woodmont calls Chad Hess as pastor. 
Chad will begin his ministry on Sunday, February 19. 

We are excited to announce that our Worship Services are now available on LiveStream. If you would like to watch the service 
live you can click on the live stream button from our Website,  Facebook, or  Woodmont APP (Go to Ministries/sermons and click on LiveStream link.)

Past sermons will also be available to watch on LiveStream. Check out our LiveStream.  
Thompson's Text

I truly feel the Lord's hand on our church in calling Brother Chad Hess as our new senior pastor. He is a man after God's own heart and one who is wise beyond his years. I sense an excitement and expectation among our fellowship as we look to the future and to reaching out in our community and abroad with the gospel message. I anticipate my role in the days to come to be like that of John the Baptist when Jesus started His ministry. John said that "He (Jesus) must increase and I (John) must decrease." In the sameway, as Chad comes on board in the weeks ahead, "he (Chad) must increase and I (Steve) must decrease." I look forward to working under Chad and following his leadership in the days to come. Brother Chad will begin his ministry with us on Sunday, February 19.  

We are grateful for Tom Whatley and the excellent job he has done in faithfully preaching and teaching from God's word over the past 16 months. Sunday, February 12 will be Brother Tom's last Sunday with us. We are planning a special gathering to thank and honor him after the evening service on February 12. 

In this quarter's Deacon Ministry magazine, there is an article entitled "7 Ways To Protect Your Pastor"  by Don Pucik. The article lists ways for deacons to provide practical support for a pastor. There is good advice for all members to consider.  They are:
  1. Cover your pastor with prayer.
  2. Share with your pastor how God is using him.
  3. Attempt to meet needs and solve problems before you report them. 
  4. Minimize murmuring to the maximum. 
  5. Stand with him when he encounters destructive criticism.  
  6. Help him to recharge and avoid burn out. 
  7.  Do ministry together.
Under His grace, 

Reese's Pieces

It's time once again for Café Hosanna, an annual dinner theater presented by our Youth Choir. There will be music, comedy, drama, spiritual truths, and Ray Frens's amazing spaghetti! We would love for you to join us for this fun night, but you must make reservations! A reservation form can be found in the church bulletin. You may also call the church office to reserve your place(s)! All reservations must be in by Sunday, February 19. Café Hosanna will be Saturday, February 25 (full meal) and Sunday, February 26 (desserts and beverages only) at 6:30 both nights. Our Youth Choir is made up of junior high and high school students who are invaluable and crucial to the health of our church body. Café Hosanna is one way they are given a voice, and I hope that all of our Woodmont family will want to hear it! See you there?

Student Ministry

15 - Unite Kickoff Night
18 - Room in the Inn (Youth & Parents)
25-26 - Cafe Hosanna

3-5 - Unite Weekend

Praises from Personal Ministries

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This is the basis for Woodmont's Allasso ministry.  Allasso is a Greek word that means "to cause change or to exchange one thing for another." The purpose of this ministry is to assist people who are capable and motivated to exchange a life of poverty and dependence for one of self-sufficiency and independence, which we believe comes through education or job training. People live in poverty for a variety of reasons including health issues, school drop-out, substance abuse, single parenting, divorce and a host of other circumstances.  Oftentimes these people are desirous of and motivated to improve their lives but lack the resources to achieve their goals. Allasso is designed to give them a "hand up" instead of a "hand out." Bible Connections Classes partner with our Allasso clients to provide assistance, usually on a monthly basis, to relieve some of their financial burden and allow them to focus on studying and being successful in school. Most of our clients also work part- or full-time jobs as well. The clients are required to bring their grades and a schedule of classes for each semester. They must also maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to continue in the program. Mentoring is available and continues throughout their enrollment. Assistance may be given on rent, utility bills, gas vouchers, child care, tuition, or books for example.  The Allasso ministry began in 2005 and we have had 20 graduates so far.  Allasso assists with obtaining a GED, Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. We currently have nine young women actively enrolled and desperately need Bible Connections Classes or other groups within our church to partner with and support these ladies as they pursue their goals. If your class/group is interested, please contact Becky Daugherty or Loretta Young at (256)766-1255 Ext. 12 to learn more about how you can be a part of this life-changing ministry.

Becky and Loretta
Family Life

Singles' Ministry
February 24th
Game Night at the East Campus 6:30. Bring a finger food.  Wear your sweats or comfortable clothes. If you will need childcare, let Belinda know by February 17th.

February 26th
Covered Dish lunch at the East Campus.  Bring a casserole, veggie dish or dessert.

Children's Ministry


55 and Older Join Us For These Upcoming Events...

2017 is a New Year
Join us for a great year of programs, devotionals, trips, and game days. Participate in our Mission Project that involves purchasing and packing 200 Thanksgiving baskets in November. Get to know the great group of church members who make up our Primetimers.

Game Days - Thursday, Feb. 2. East Campus at 12:30 - bring a finger food and join us for games.

Monthly Luncheon
for January featured Sherriff Rick Singleton and potluck lunch.  Monthly luncheon for February will be Valentine themed with entertainment provided by Carole Smith on flute and Becky Foster on the keyboard.  We have changed the time of the luncheon from 11:30 until 12 noon. This gives our food and decorations committee more time in the mornings to prepare. 

New Members 
Jackson Olive, Baptism
                              Katelyn Olive, Baptism                 Mike Collum,  Letter  

Our Mission

Woodmont Baptist Church's MISSION STATEMENT is:

 "To do the Lord's will through prayer, worship, discipleship, service, missions

and evangelism - In His name, by His spirit and for His glory." 

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