A monthly journal of faithful living
January 2017
Inspiration from Our Pastor

Dear Friends, 

A new year has begun!  And with it, all promise, possibility, and potential awaits us!   A new year is a time of hope.  And hope we do.   Calvin wrote:  “We should ask God to increase our hope when it is small, awaken it when it is dormant, confirm it when it is wavering, strengthen it when it is weak, and raise it up when it is overthrown.”  

We hope for the community—that throughout Virginia Beach, and Coastal Virginia, our cities, towns, and villages will continue to feel positive economic growth matched by a sense of responsibility toward our neighbors who have less than we do. We hope for reduced rates of crime and violence, for reduced drug and alcohol dependence, for increased ability to curtail homelessness and domestic violence.  We hope for good health, and good recoveries from all sorts of illnesses.  

We hope for the country—a continued and increased prosperity, less division and strife.  We hope for a less grid-locked Congress, and national leaders who have a broad sense of purpose and little entitlement.  We hope for a resurgence of decency and civility in our discourse and good engagement from the people in their own government.  
We hope for the world—a year of less Herod-style rule from world leaders; less refugees and more stability on the world stage.  We hope for peace and an end to the war of the modern age.  We hope for a lessening of radical religious extremists of all varieties and denominations.

We hope for the Church—a year of recognizing God’s presence here and in the world around us.  We hope for vibrant dreams of the future that lies ahead.  We hope for deep and real thanks for the paths we have trod, and all energy and strength for the journey ahead.  We hope for strengthened bonds of relationship between our members and for new relationships with men and women as yet unknown.  

And I ought to add, in a more personal vein, I hope for a speedy delivery of a happy, healthy son come February 22!  Looking ahead to my son’s birth is plenty to hope for, and gives me reason to hope for so much more.   May you find every good reason for hope this year.  And may you be filled with grace, wonder, and joy!  God bless us, every one!

—Pastor Bugg

A Prayer for the New Year
Help me to see the blessings you unfold before me,
both big and small.
Help me to cherish the loved ones around me,
never taking them for granted.
Help me to trust to your care all that is dear to me
and all who are dear to me.
And whenever difficulties or tragedies come,
as they surely will, give me a faith filled
with wisdom, patience and hope.
Lord, help me to live with vision and not fear,
to live for others and not self,
to live with joy and not regret,
to live with compassion and not resentment.
In other words, help me to live
fully and abundantly in your grace.
Give me the confidence that,
no matter what I face in this new year,
“nothing will be able to separate us
from your love”… nothing.

John G. Hamilton, pastor
      Bethany Presbyterian Church
A New Year,
A New Way of Giving

Online giving is another step closer to becoming a reality through the church’s Realm software system.  Once we have performed a trial run to ensure everything flows smoothly, it will be opened up to the entire congregation.  Members will be able to sign into their personal account, click on giving and enter a one time gift to any of the designated funds such as any of the 4 special offerings, Vacation Bible School, food closet, etc.  Or you can establish a re-occurring payment to support your pledged contribution.  Options will be available to have funds credited from your bank account on a payment schedule of your choosing. Stay tuned for updates.

Christian Education
Adult Education in 2017

Starting on Sunday, January 8th, the Adult Sunday School class will be studying and discussing Living the Questions, a DVD series and curriculum exploring many matters and topics facing Christianity today. It is designed to help people wrestle with the relevance of  their faith in the 21st century.

No homework is required.  There is a short DVD presentation followed by a group discussion, examining in a new light traditional faith topics.  Please come and join us in room 210 just off the Fellowship Hall at 9 am each Sunday until the end of May. 

January topics include:
  • January 8 - An Invitation to the Journey
  • January 15 - Taking the Bible Seriously
  • January 22 - Thinking Theologically
  • January 29 - Stories of Creation
Kids Club Returns January 11
Kids Club is returning in January. On Wednesday, January 11 we begin our next 6-week session. After a delicious dinner, the children will gather for an introduction to the theme of the evening.  Afterwards the children respond to what they learned through arts & crafts, movement & games, and science activities. This time we will end with Music Makers at 6:30 pm so we hope that all children will be able to participate in our music program.

Volunteers are needed to prepare child-friendly meals for about 12 people.  If you are available on a Wednesday evening, please contact Rene (481-9606.)

Mark your 2017 calendars for January 11 and join us for dinner at 5:30 pm followed by our program.  Contact the church office (496-2620) for more information.
January Events
Coffee & Conversation ~ January 10
Coffee and Conversation will not meet on its regular Tuesday, January 3rd but rather meet on Tuesday, January 10th in order to "undecorate" the Christmas tree and put away all the other decorations. We will meet at our regular Tuesday, January 17th at 10:00. 

Ladies Lunch Out ~ January 11
Begin the New Year, making new friends and renewing old friendships. Join us January 11 for our monthly Ladies Lunch Out. We will meet at 11:45 am at Bubba's Seafood Restaurant & Crabhouse, 3323 Shore Dr.  Guests are welcome. To make reservations, call Betty Douglas at 481-5854.
Culture Club ~ January 12
Join us on Thursday, January 12 as we enjoy dinner and a movie.  We will head to Beach Movie Bistro to see Hidden Figures. The incredible untold story of brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glenn.  

We will depart from Wycliffe at 6:15 pm. (Or you can meet us at Beach Movie Bistro at 6:30.) We will order dinner before the movie begins at 7:00 pm. Contact Rene Hudgins (481-9606) to make reservations. 

Coming in February: Wine tasting at Tintos!

Fellowship Luncheon - January 22
Join us for a fellowship luncheon after worship to share good food and fellowship. Come and enjoy chili, salad, corn muffins, and cake for dessert.  


Homeless Shelter Week Begins February 1
Homeless Shelter will begin with the evening meal of Wednesday, Feb 1st and go through breakfast of Wednesday, Feb 8th. The sign-up sheets will go up on Sunday, January 15th.  Please “sign up early” so that we can determine our needs.

This is our largest outreach project in terms of items needed and volunteer hours required to make it the success it has always been.  The attendance is averaging about 65 folks every meal.  

They are arriving a bit earlier this year (about 8:30 PM), which means dinner will be served about 8:40 PM instead of 9:10 PM. Breakfast will be served at 5:30 AM and they will leave on their bus at 6:15 AM with the bag lunches we have prepared the previous evening. 

There are opportunities for everyone to participate either by volunteering to prepare and serve a meal, spend the night, and act as host/hostess or as a coordinator for a meal.  We also need a wide range of items from food items to white socks to decks of cards.  Please take the time to visit the sign up boards on the 15th in the Fellowship Hall. 

Remember …..when you bring in the items you signed up, please cross out your name on the sign-up sheet. 

There will be a CS&M member at the sign up boards to answer your questions.

Thank you and God Bless!

All 6th - 12th grade students are invited. Bring your friends!
January Activities
Cocoa & the Calendar
January 8
Come and enjoy hot chocolate and help to plan our activities for the coming year. Our meeting is Sunday, January 8 at 5 pm. Bring your calendars and ideas so we can plan for the next half of the school year. 

Lock In!!
January 15
It’s a three-day weekend.  Let’s stay up all night! Enjoy games, movies, food, friendship and laughter... and maybe some sleep!

Watch the Wycliffe Youth Facebook page for the most current information about Youth events.

Clerk's Corner: Gail Schwartzer

At the December 14 session meeting the following actions were approved:

  • New class of elders were examined & accepted

  • 2017 budget was approved 

  • Approved use of Wycliffe facilities for Holy Family Catholic Church’s retreat on January 28, 2017. Ron Moore will be the group liaison.
  • Approved a Congregational meeting January 22, 2017 to vote on candidate, Rene Hudgins to replace Chad Gangwer’s term as elder due to his resignation.

  • Approved January 29, 2017 as date for Rene Hudgin’s installation.
  • Approved the use of the Fellowship Hall by Betty Oliver on January 28, 2017 for a book signing.

  • Celebrated Christmas
2017 Session Members

Administration, Stewardship & Finance: Jim Haynie & Lisa Sowell
Christian Education: Rene Hudgins & Lee Uittenbogaard
Christian Service & Missions:   Jackie Alcorn & Chuck Steenburgh
Facilities:  Garland Miles & Cathy Rotch
Fellowship: Francie Brake & David Gangwer
Member Care:  Darrell Kennedy & Beverly Parker
Outreach & Mission: Robin LaVigne & Carolyn Lindsey
Worship:  Josie Collier & Mark Via 
Planning & Review: Bob Prestridge
Clerk: Gail Schwartzer 
Pastor: Garrett B. Bugg


Erin Tinaro - Treasurer                               Jim Haynie - Financial Secretary


Jim Haynie (2017)                                          David Carney (2017)  

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