The Selling Year is Almost Over!
The Year End Sales Push is On!
It's that time of the year again. The selling year is almost over and the end of the year push is on! Pull out a calendar. When you take out the holidays, there are less than 30 selling days left in the year. That is not a lot of time left to secure your annual bonus!  

So what's the key to finish your sales year off strong?  

Management Matters - A Better Way To Publish Sales Contest Results
With only a couple months left in the year, a number of sales reps are pushing to win their annual sales contest prize. So in the final push, it's important to remember the more excitement you can generate, the better.

Looking for some ideas as to how to better publish your sales contest results?

Career Connections - Common Sense Email Tips for Job Searchers
It’s inevitable. If you are in the middle of a job search, sooner or later you will have to correspond with a recruiter using email.

Need tips to improve your email job search communications?

Channel Chat - How Much Can I Save by Outsourcing My Sales Operation to Sales Agents?
If you are looking at utilizing sales agents as a method of cutting costs then you are most likely not going to dedicate the money and resources you will need to make the channel successful.

You can build anything on the cheap but will it last?

Webinar -  Your 90 Day Sales Rep Success Plan - How to create an On Boarding Process that puts your sales reps on the right road to success!
Successful sales organizations have a structured "On Boarding Process" which every new sales hire follows, regardless of their previous sales experience. The result? The new hire sells more for the company faster and is much more productive in the long term than sales reps working for companies without an such a plan.

"Welcome to the company. Here's your price book, now go out and sell." is not an Onboarding Process ? Want to know what is?

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Remember as Richard Taylor once said, "your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your commitment to excellence today." 
Aim Higher!

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