The Yoga Barn Newsletter - April 2017

  Hello Yogi's & Yogini's, Friends of Yoga Barn & Lovers of Bali!

April has arrived and for Bali this means cooler, drier & sunnier days ahead
... great for freestyle practice on our amphitheater deck!
The BaliSpirit Festival may be behind us, but @ "The Barn" every day is like a mini Festival !
Immediately following BSF, we are pleased to announce the return of our
Yoga Unlimited program. One week of UNLIMITED YOGA for an incredible 840.000rp - WOW!
No need to pre-book, and the program is available from March 29th to May 2nd.
If you are in Ubud, be sure to come check out our FREE concert with Renowned Sufi Qawwali Group "Fanna-Fi-Allah". Monday evening April 3rd under the stars on our amphitheater deck. Showtime is 7pm. A Mediterranean Buffet (100.000rp) precedes the show @ 6pm.
Not to be missed ... throughout April will be "Heart of Yoga" with Teacher-In-Residence Mark Whitwell. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am - 11:30pm. Come experience this union in Yoga with a recognized master.
Congratulations to visiting teacher Tara Judelle, and her student graduates, who completed their 200-hour "Embodied Flow Teacher Training" on March 31st.
For April 2 thru April 29, we welcome visiting teacher Simone MacKay and students for their 200-hour "School of Sacred Arts" teacher training. There are still a couple of spots remaining.
For April 8 thru May 1, we welcome visiting teacher Daphne Charles and students for their 200-hour "Routes of Yoga" teacher training.
A warm Yoga Barn 'Welcome' to all students & faculty.
Programming Note: Wednesday April 5th & Saturday April 15th are the Balinese Holy Holidays of Galungan & Kuningan respectively. We will be CLOSED in the mornings on both of these days to allow our staff to pray. First class on both of these days will be our 2pm "Intro to Yoga". Please make a note of it.
April will be another busy month, with a full schedule of incredible events & workshops, in addition to our regular classes.
Of particular note & not-to-be-missed:
      • Jeffrey Armstrong's "Soul Mating" workshop on Apr 1.
      • Bex' "Arm Balances for Life" workshop on Apr 6.
      • Sheena Sarles' "Yoga for Living with Loss" workshop on Apr 7.
      • Jana's "Root Chakra Grounding In" workshop on Apr 10.
      • Punnu's "Bollywood Bangra Dance" on Apr 10.
      • Greg's "Intro to Kundalini" workshop on Apr 11.
      • Bex' "Posture Clinic" workshop on Apr 13.
      • Emily's "Sex & Death" workshop on Apr 19.
      • Levi's "Astrology: The Basics & Beyond" workshop on Apr 21.
      • Rob's "Sacred Cacao Ceremony" on Apr 24.
      • Greg's "Breath of Life" workshop on Apr 25.
Selamat Yoga Everyone & Namaste from The Yoga Barn!

Sound Healing: A magical combination of music, movement and meditation with Bex Tyrer
April 6th, 2017
IDR 350,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 290,000
April 10, 2017
IDR 500,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 400,000
Posture Clinic
with Bex Tyrer
April 13th, 2017
IDR 350,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 290,000
April 21, 2017
IDR 350,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 300,000
April 24th, 2017
7:30pm - 9:30pm
IDR 190,000 
Breath of Life
(Pranayama Workshop)
with Greg Kaps
April 25th, 2017
IDR 450,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 400,000
May 7 - June 2, 2017
at the Yoga Barn, Ubud
May 19- 23, 2017

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Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
IDR 250,000
The ancient wisdom of yoga teaches that Life is already given to you, you are completely loved, you are here now. It teaches that we are not separate, cannot be separate from nature, which sustains us in a vast interdependence with everything. The universe comes perfectly, and is awesome in its integration and infinite existence. This union is our natural state, this union in Yoga.

When you experience this connection to the fullness of creation, of nurturing source, you are doing your Yoga. Yoga is your direct participation in nurturing source.

All of us at Heart of Yoga are committed to broadening this message: you are fully loved, you are fully able, you are perfectly capable the way you are. We strive to teach the healing power of intimate connection, in the traditions of 10,000 years, recaptured for our era. We hope to transform individual awareness of this interconnection, and thus human consciousness and the societies we have created.
April 1, 2017
IDR 400,000

Be prepared to reEnvision your entire thought process on relationship. This is the Mind / Body / Soul link like you've never understood it before.
Jeffrey combines the best knowledge of India, Tibet and China into a complete system of practice that integrates practical tools for transformation in the areas of our spiritual and practical lives. He offers professionals the knowledge of how to consciously choose better business and personal relationships and to make lifestyle and health decisions based in part on their Ayurvedic body type. This workshop is a module from the UltiMate™ Relationship Weekend Seminar.


Jeffrey Armstrong's approach as a Relationship and Lifestyle Strategist is synthesized from his extensive research into the Vedic sciences, the experiences he gained during his corporate career and his keen understanding of human nature. Combining spiritual enlightenment with material life skills, Armstrong's methods reach beyond psychological and process based techniques currently popular, propelling clients to a whole new level of success.
April 3, 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm

FREE CONCERT | Mediterranean Buffet precedes the show from 6-8pm in The Garden Kafe
IDR 100,000
In this time of religious extremism, there are still those who are carrying the flame of religious tolerance, devotion and mysticism - and the Sufi's are some of the most ancient.
Fanna-Fi-Allah carries the tradition and teachings of the Sufi's in their music, the devotionally driven and passionate music of Qawwali.  Through many years of study and practice under the guidance of Qawwali masters of India and Pakistan, their expression of Qawwali music has become an authentic representation and continuation of this ancient tradition of Sufi music.
Sufism is alive and well in India and Pakistan, where Qawwali music celebrates the great Sufi mystics of old, and relishes in the love of the Divine through poetry.  Sung with a powerful and soaring melodious chorus and accompanied by entrancing energetic rhythms of tabla and group clapping, the Beloved is celebrated with ecstatic devotion.  
Fanna-Fi-Allah gives audiences a glimpse inside this rich and vibrant Sufi culture, to which many would otherwise never experience. The groups founding members have spent over 20 years learning this classical art-form. During their 15 years of world-wide touring they have played at many major international festivals. They have enthralled audiences in the USA, Pakistan, Europe, Indonesia, India, Egypt, and others, with their dynamic skill, and passionate musical precision.  With ten albums already published, Fanna-Fi-Allah have now given us an even greater glimpse into this Sufi world of Pakistan with the production of their new documentary: Music of the Mystics
Fanna-Fi-Allah continues to carry on an ancient wisdom in their music, a wisdom that is not only heard, but is profoundly felt.  A universal message of devotion and tolerance that ignites hearts and quenches their deeper longings. A message that is so crucial for our time.      

April 6th, 2017
IDR 350,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 290,000

Ready to jump deeper into your yoga practice? This workshop is more than just learning cool new poses, we will turn the world upside down, play on the edge of what ' s comfortable, explore balance from the inside and out while falling down and rising back up again.... revealing the true treasure of arm balances! Explore arm balances as a doorway to let go of self-imposed limitations-moving beyond fear and into the heart of courage. Suitable for all levels.

April 7th, 2017
IDR 400,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 350,000
Join BaliSpirit presenter Sheena Sarles in her thoughtful workshop on Living with Loss. Sheena is the creator of Yoga for Living with Loss™, a Holistic Health Coach, founder of Growing Younger Gracefully™ and a Reiki Therapy Practitioner. As a life-long student of well-being, when she experienced her own deep losses of loved ones, she found that her gentle yoga practice provided on-going support.

Yoga for Living with Loss supports Body, Mind, and Spirit as we navigate the many facets of loss without getting lost.  Through gentle yoga, discussion, meditation, and breath work, participants will gain tools to manage how to live with our losses. Be it the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, a pet, or simply living with life's losses and transitions, we can we live from moment to moment more fully present and with greater resilience. Sheena has created Yoga for Living with Loss™ to help others survive, and even thrive in their grief.

April 10th, 2017
IDR 130,000
(Class Cards are not accepted) 

After his very successful first Bollywood Bhangra Dance, Punnu brings it back again to Yoga Barn this month. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a real Bollywood Bhangra Sling! Savor the flavor of an Indian Bollywood Night with Punnu Singh Wasu and Band, bringing Indian Bollywood to Baliwood. Punnu Singh Wasu, one of the Yoga Barns' own teachers, is a multi-talented musician, vocalist and healer. The Punnu Wasu Band performs Bollywood music, Devotional Kirtan singing, Indian Classical music, Sufi Qawali's, Sound Healing and more. Bhangra is a lively form of folk music and dance from Punjab, Northern India. During Bhangra Dance we will sing Punjabi Boliyaan accompanied by the dhol drum, flute, dholak drum and other exotic musical instruments. Yummy Indian specialties will be available all day in our Garden Kafe. Be ready to rock the evening in true Bollywood Style!
April 11th, 2017
IDR 450,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 400,000

Join us here at The Yoga Barn with beloved teacher Greg Kaps for a rare opportunity to delve into Kundalini Yoga, a practice that will help you break through the subconscious blocks to truly living a happy authentic life. Through exploring the basic principles of energetic anatomy, meditation, Kriyas (purificationtechniques) and White Tantric Philosophy we will open ourselves up to liberation and unification of the mind/body/spirit connection.

April 19th, 2017
IDR 450,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 400,000
Our cultural taboos shape the way we understand the world. By undertaking a dissection of our own cultural taboos (what society labels as forbidden or prohibited), one can review and upgrade their belief systems thereby upgrading their life. Death and sex are unavoidable. And because these subjects have been forbidden throughout history (especially in their rawest form) they are tantalizing to speak about in a collective.   
Taboo - a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too  sacred  or too  accursed  for ordinary individuals to undertake.

This workshop is just that - a collective dissection of taboo - laughter inducing, thought provoking and potentially game-changing.  Open to all who wish to examine their beliefs in a new way.