Hello Yogis, Yoginis and Friends of The Yoga Barn,

You may have heard that Mount Agung - a volcano in the East of Bali - erupted on November 26, sending ash and steam up to 3000 meters in the atmosphere. Bali's airport is temporarily closed and flying conditions will be re-evaluated every 6 hours. If you want to keep up with latest news and developments, you can refer to this article. As of the writing of this email, Ubud is still unaffected and The Yoga Barn is operating with usual hours.

Renovations are now complete!
We are excited to share that renovations of the Garden Kafe and upper studios are now complete. Studio Wayan and Studio Made now both face south and have bigger capacity for classes and workshops. The Garden Kafe has a brand new deck with more seating spaces and a big roof for reliable rain cover. We will have photos and more details to share on social media so keep an eye on our channels.

"Heart of Yoga" Master Class Series with Mark Whitwell is back!
Reconnect with yourself and the universe in these unique classes with a recognized master - 2pm to 5pm on December 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20 and 22.

7-Day Detox Retreats return in January, February and March 2018.
The next retreat dates have been confirmed for January 14-21, February 11-18 and March 4-11. Read more about these retreats below or get all the details here.

December Holiday Hours and Classes
December 24 & 25: we are open and will offer regular classes until 4pm
December 31: special class schedule until 3pm, all profits from the day will be donated to Bali ReGreen
January 1: special classes in the morning, all profits from the day will be donated to Bali ReGreen - read more about this charity organization in our community section below and check our website for more details on our special schedule for these days.

Terima kasih,
Co-Founder of The Yoga Barn
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December classes!
Events & Workshops
Space for workshops is limited, so if you want to be sure to get a spot, we recommend you register at our Lower Reception at The Yoga Barn. You can also enjoy Early Bird discounts on most of these offerings if you book and pay more than two days in advance. Please note, class cards are not accepted for these workshops and events.
Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Rob Weber
Dec 4 / 7:30pm-9:30pm
IDR 190,000

In these transformational times come to gather in community, sing, dance your heart open and ignite your inner flame. This is an authentic space for singing and dancing our prayers, feeling love and gratitude, and celebrating the immense beauty of life on this Earth. In this Sacred Cacao Ceremony, we will pay our respects to the ancient while creating a ritual form entirely our own, featuring beautiful live and DJ’d music, voice activation practices, guided meditation, and communal sharing to support us in rising together in love and gratitude.
Master Class Series: Heart of Yoga with Mark Whitwell
Dec 8 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 18 / 20 / 22 / 2:00pm-5:00pm
IDR 300,000

The ancient wisdom of yoga teaches that Life is already given to you, you are completely loved as you are here now. The universe comes perfectly, and is awesome in its integration and infinite existence. When you experience this connection to the fullness of creation, of nurturing source, you are doing your Yoga. Yoga is your direct participation in nurturing source. All of us at Heart of Yoga are committed to broadening this message: you are fully loved, you are fully able, you are perfectly capable the way you are. We strive to teach the healing power of intimate connection, in the traditions of 10,000 years, recaptured for our era.
Women's Wisdom Thru Writing with Nadine McNeil
Dec 9 / 9:00am-5:00pm
IDR 1,300,000. Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 1,100,000
This workshop is especially designed for today’s woman – one who is creative, spiritual, passionate, successful, vulnerable, sexy and strong. Throughout this daylong journey, we integrate the intelligence of asana with the joy of writing, the art of visualization and the medicine of coming into intimate dialogue through forming a women’s conversation circle. Upon conclusion, participants will experience and witness a renewed sense of wholeness and being as well as a deeply authentic connection to a global community of brave, bold, courageous and dynamic women. Open to all levels.
Infinite Circularities with Carlos Romero
Dec 11 / 1:00pm-6:30pm & Des 12-13/ 8:00am-5:00pm
IDR 4,000,000 Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 3,500,000
Thai Yoga Massage & Fascia release is a transformative experience. A deep revolution on the way we move, interact, communicate and especially the way we share touch as a form of healing. This is an invitation to dive into the fascinating world of Fascia through self exploration practices like Yoga, Qi Gong and Embodiment Dance with the intention to integrate this knowledge into the Art of Healing touch.
Tai Chi: The Perfect Exercise with Dave West
Dec 11 / 9:00am-12:00pm
IDR 450,000. Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 400,000

Tai Chi Chuan is a relaxing and natural form of mind-body fitness and internationally recognized health meditation exercise. This mystical and ancient combination of Tao Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts can prevent and ease many ills of aging and could be the perfect exercise for the rest of your life. This workshop is suitable for beginners and will introduce the main meditation and movement exercises. Join and discover how to lead a more mindful, balanced lifestyle in harmony with the Tao.
Monday Movie: GMO OMG
Dec 11 / 7:30pm-9:30pm
Dinner at 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM IDR 85,000, enjoy a delicious fish & veggie meal! 
Movie at 7.30 PM IDR 30,000, popcorn free!

Filmmaker and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how they affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice. His journey takes him to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and even the front door of agri-giant Monsanto, as he poses the question: is it still possible to reject our current food system, or have we already lost something we can’t get back? GMO OMG is a timely, informative, entertaining, and ultimately insightful documentary about the question that’s a growing concern to citizens around the world: who controls the future of our food?
Gala Concert: Spirit Night with Shervin Boloorian
Dec 18 / 7:30pm-9:30pm
IDR 190,000
Join Shervin Boloorain and the Bali Sound Healers Collective for this special evening of ceremonial chants and sacred sounds from all over the globe. This is a live music experience that unites Ubud’s top world musicians and sound healers lead by The Bali Sound Healers Collective. Explore the magical sounds of Didgeridoo, Crystal Bowls, Native American, Balinese, Sufi chants, devotional heartsongs, sound medicine and more.
Food as Medicine with Liana Nenacheva
Dec 19-21 / 1:00pm-4:00pm
IDR 900,000. Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 800,000
The ultimate goal of healthy food and lifestyle is to create a Life and Body you love! This workshop is designed to give you maximum understanding of the broad and complicated subject of nutrition as well as provide practical tips to enable you to make effective adjustments to your lifestyle and attitude towards health. You will learn how you can bring yourself into balance and harmony just with a knife, a pot, a pan and a stove!
Cacao Ceremony Seasonal Celebration with Levi Banner
Dec 25 / 2:00pm-5:00pm
IDR 300,000 Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 250,000
Come spend the Holy-Daze with us! Using ceremonial-grade cacao, you’ll experience the unique heart explosions that only cacao can bring and channel the wisdom of cacao spirit for deep, transformative realization. Every cacao ceremony is a collaboration between the co-participants, facilitated and woven together by Levi. Each one unfolds differently, although you can expect some or all of the following: yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, laughing, crying, hugging, and loving.
The Art of Conscious Living with Liana Nenacheva
Dec 26-28 / 1:00pm-4:00pm
IDR 900,000. Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 800,000
Many of us are living a life of separation – from our inner selves and the Universe, leading to feelings of disconnect, imbalance and unhappiness. In this workshop, Liana will teach you how to reconnect with your inner self and the Universe. You will increase your awareness of the aspects of life that affect your actions, thoughts, contentment and values as well as the natural laws that further affect your life. And once you do that, you can use the awareness to make positive changes and transform your reality.
Sufi Sacred Sound & Movement with Shervin Boloorian
Dec 30 / 6:00pm-8:30pm
IDR 200,000
Live music and euphoric rhythm accompany a gentle conscious movement ceremony followed by ancient Zikr (Sufi mantra) teachings. To add another dimension to this heart nourishing workshop, guests will then be invited to lay back and receive a meditative sound journey with Middle Eastern and Western meditation instruments such as Egyptian Ney Flute, Frame Drum, strings, crystal bowls, bells, gongs, chimes and Tibetan bowls, woven in with traditional Sufi healing songs and texts in authentic Persian.
Epic Aging for Women: The Art of Cultivating Timeless Radiance
Dec 30 / 9:00am-5:00pm
IDR 700,000 Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 650,000
Prepare to BUST through the myths surrounding aging. Using both ancient and modern tools we will explore ways to create a timeless style and radiance that will be life changing and lifelong. This workshop is open to women of all ages although especially relevant to the over 40 crowd who are seeking ways to maintain optimal health, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Using Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Nutrition, Ayurveda, NLP and mind-mapping we will learn how to cultivate habits and routines that work for us as individuals to move forward in life with grace and optimal health. Bring a notebook, wear comfy clothes as we will be moving our bodies and stretching our minds.
Shamanic Breathwork Immersion with Levi Banner
Dec 30 / 10:00am-6:00pm
IDR 800,000 Early bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 700,000
The breath, aided by chakra-attuned music provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape, healing, and trauma release. In this workshop you’ll be initiated into a sacred space and engage in ceremonial practices to create unity between you and other members of the group. There’ll be time and space to really explore the depths of this magical modality.

Some people laugh. Some people cry. Some people enter a state of deep and profound meditation. Each time you show up for it, breathwork takes you wherever you need to go. A process that ultimately moves you away from the agendas of your ego and towards the sacred purpose of your soul.
Retreats & Teacher Trainings
December 1-10:
The Art of Healing Touch 90 Hour Thai Yoga Massage Immersion with Carlos Romero
December 10-22:
December 14-18:
Reiki Level 1 Grand Master Training and Certification with Punnu Singh Wasu, Reiki Grand Master
January 4-31, 2018:
Sacred Heart Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Foundations and Teacher Training Immersion with Greg Kaps
January 7-February 3, 2018:
High-Vibe Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with Emily Kuser
February 5-22, 2018:
Mindfulness Meditation 150 Hour Teacher Training with Punu Singh Wasu
March 1-30, 2018:
April 30-May 29, 2018:
One Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour, The Art and Science of Transformation & Awakening with Tanya Kaps
May 16-31, 2018:
TNYT Yin Yoga Teacher Training 100 Hour with Tina Nance
June 8-July 1, 2018:
Routes of Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Daphne Charles and Anton Jager
August 1-24, 2018:
Routes of Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Daphne Charles and Anton Jager
August 22-30, 2018:
The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco
September 30-October 27, 2018:
School of Sacred Arts 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
November 27-December 30, 2018:
Yinspiration Yin Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with Jo Phee and Joe BarnettTeacher Training
7-Day Detox Fasting Retreats
January 14-21 | February 11-18 | March 4-11
Led by international practitioners at the top of their field in health and well-being, Juice Detox Retreats are the perfect program for your transformative elevation to a happier, healthier and more empowered you. Movement, yoga, breath-work and meditation classes keep you well-occupied, while daily talks on health, self-healing, self-love, digestion, hydration and more provide the insights you will need to maintain optimal health after the retreat.  This investment in yourself can yield a lifetime of positive returns, and the opportunity to re-connect to your true and best self. See the full list of inclusions and book here .
3-Day Juice Cleanse
Start any day
A transformative, self-guided juice cleanse program, you can start on any day of the week. We invite you to relax, press PAUSE on hectic life, and enjoy this great introduction to fasting and detox. See the details here.
Bali ReGreen is a charity program that has been working since 2011 to help some of the poorest and driest areas in Bali to create a sustainable cash crop of bamboo that not only is good for the environment but also creates economic opportunities for local villagers in the area of Desa Songan in East Bali, close to Mount Agung. Because of its connection to this area, Bali ReGreen is also helping with providing supplies to evacuees of the danger zone around the volcano. You can learn more about Bali ReGreen's efforts and achievements here.

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