The Yoga Barn Newsletter - March 2017

  Hello Yogi's & Yogini's, Friends of Yoga Barn & Lovers of Bali!

The biggest event of the month is the 10th anniversary of the BaliSpirit Festival - one of the world's most inspiring celebrations of global community, world music and well-being, taking place in Ubud, Bali from March 19 until 26. With over 200 workshops in yoga, dance, healing and seminars on offer during the week, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy! Many Yoga Barn teachers will be leading workshops at the festival and The Yoga Barn will also be hosting exciting "Master Class" events with international presenters from the BaliSpirit Festival. See below for more information on the events and click here to book your festival passes. Use promo code YOGA-BARN for a special last-minute discount!

Yoga Barn Programming Note(s):
On Sun Mar 18, the evening before BSF, we will host a Benefit for the Songan Village Landslide Tragedy with The Hanumen. Indian Buffet is at 6pm and Concert is at 7pm.
On Sun Mar 19, our final class of the day will be 11am Sunday Dance, followed by our Sunday Buffet - BSF starts @ 12 noon on this day and is BY DONATION ONLY.
We will be running a condensed schedule of classes during the festival from Mon Mar 20 thru Sun Mar 26: classes at 8am, 10am, 2pm & 4pm. Many of these classes will be taught by world-renowned teachers from the festival.
In observation of the Balinese Holy Holiday of 'Nyepi'
,our final class of the day will be 3pm on Mon Mar 27 (pre-Nyepi Day) and we will be CLOSED on Tue Mar 28 (Nyepi Day).
(see below for the full schedule)
Immediately following BSF, we are pleased to announce the return of our
Yoga Unlimited program. One week of UNLIMITED YOGA for an incredible 840.000rp - WOW!
No need to pre-book, and the program is available from March 29th to May 2nd.
Congratulations to Yoga Barn teacher Denise Payne, and her student graduates, who completed their 200-hour "One Song Yoga Teacher Training: A Focus on Yin Yoga" on Feb 27.
For Mar 4 thru Mar 31, we welcome visiting teacher Tara Judelle and students for their 200-hour "Embodied Flow Teacher Training".
For Mar 11 thru Mar 16, we welcome visiting teacher Katie Standring and students for their six day "Bikram Yoga Retreat".
For Mar 17 thru Mar 22, we welcome visiting teacher Anne Wanda Tessier and students for their six day "Restorative Yoga Retreat".
Following the festival, come join the School of Sacred Arts in Bali for their transformative yoga teacher training, supported by the Yoga Barn's most cherished teachers. There are a few spots left for their upcoming event, April 2 - 29!
For more information and an application, email 

At "The Barn', every day is like a mini Balispirit Festival ...
Selamat Yoga Everyone & Namaste from The Yoga Barn!

Yoga Barn Class Schedule during The Balispirit Festival:
BSF 2017 Schedule
Exploring The Bioelectric Matrix
with Adolf M Brown, D.C. 
March 1-5, 2017
IDR 6,500,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 6,000,000
March 9, 2017
IDR 500,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 450,000

A photographic presentation & lecture with Renowned Traveler & Adventure Photographer Dudley Levenson of Inspired Planet.
March 13, 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm
IDR 150.000
March 20, 2017
2:30 - 4:30pm
IDR 300,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 250,000
March 21, 2017
2:30 - 4:30pm
IDR 300,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 250,000
March 25-26, 2017 
March 29, 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm
IDR 300.000
March 31, 2017
9:00am - 12:00pm &
1:30pm - 4:30pm
IDR 550.000
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays through April 2017 at 9:00am-11:30am
IDR 250,000
April 1, 2017
IDR 400,000
Freedom through Movement One month immerse -in-Yoga
with Bex Tyrer
May 7 - June 2, 2017
at the Yoga Barn, Ubud
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One Week Unlimited Yoga Pass
Valid from:
March 29, 2017 - May 2, 2017
Price is IDR 840,000

Choose from 112 classes per week: Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Kirtan and more! Opportunity to experience 20 different unique and passionate international and local teachers. Includes Monday Movie offerings for March 29 - May 2, 2017
March 6, 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm
IDR 150.000
A photographic presentation & lecture with Renowned Traveler & Adventure Photographer Dudley Levenson of Inspired Planet.

Go deeper with your Balinese experience through insider pictures and stories. Dudley Levenson of Inspired Planet shares 33 years of traveling to Bali as a co-creator.
Beyond being a tropical paradise, Bali has become an entangled mystery of art, culture and commerce. In this photo presentation and workshop we go behind the touristy surface to understand what makes this island so unique in the world.  Discover secret temples, hidden unspoiled valleys, and the strange customs of natives.  Based on the slopes of a giant volcano half way between a crater lake and surfer beaches below we explore the evolving lifestyle.
Drop in on preparations for a temple feast, a ritual offering, walk with a procession of dancers and musicians, watch and interpret temple dramas.  We consider the meaning of tradition, offering and sacrifice. This is an opportunity to meet many different Balinese personalities, to think about the effect of our culture upon theirs and delve into both strangeness and beauty.
For 40 years adventure photographer, Dudley Levenson has been curating Inspired Planet, collecting images, artifacts and stories from Asia, Africa and South America. Early studies in anthropology and psychotropic plants at University of Pennsylvania were just a prelude to a lifetime of world-traveling adventures delving into the power of nature, the philosophies of classical civilizations and explorations among tribal cultures. Dudley speaks from the charming crossroads of art history, comparative religion and adventure travel. (

March 8, 2017
IDR 800,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 750,000
This workshop is designed for women who are interested in understanding more about their own sexuality and desire a confident, empowered and enjoyable sex life. We will explore what science, psychology and spirituality say about sexuality and intimacy, investigating topics such as sexual anatomy, pleasure, taboo and emotions.  This full day workshop is a unique opportunity to feel clear, revitalized, supported...and inspired by your discoveries. The intention is to offer an education on sexuality that will benefit your own life and the lives of those around you. See you there ladies! 

March 11, 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm

IDR 150.000

The literal meaning of story is "store house".  When a story possesses reminders and meaning needed during challenging times they become sacred stories, places of treasured remembrance.  It is then, when we have lost our way that we can reach back into the "store house" of our ancestors to remember and revision what it is we burn for.
The hero's journey is your journey.  These great mythological tales unlock secrets of our collective inner tapestry.  You already are a hero jumping onto the dragon and learning how to fly.  This sojourn will take you far and wide into the human experience and fire of being. 
Join acclaimed world percussionist, poet and storyteller, John de Kadt, for an enchanting time of rhythm and story that will stir the heart and ignite the imagination.  John plays many instruments from around the globe and shares mythical tales from many cultures.  Come, relax and be carried on the ancient wings of story while rooted in the rhythm of the drum.  
March 18, 2017
2:30 - 4:30pm
IDR 300,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to 2 days prior IDR 250,000
Join Anne for a two hour workshop dedicated entirely to the pose Savasana. Learn about the benefits of this pose as well as the effects on the body, mind, nervous system and the organs.  We will explore how to fully support the body, as well as variations to relieve tired legs, reduce stress, promote sleep, and reduce anxiety.  Delve into the art to being still and discover how you can take this challenging pose and make it one of your most blissful ones.  
Anne Wanda Tessier is an experienced Restorative Yoga Teacher and Relax and Renew (c) Trainer from Canada.  She has studied with and assisted Judith Hanson Laster and has lead several successful retreats, workshops and Restorative Yoga Trainings.
Join Anne for a 6 day Restorative Yoga Retreat at The Yoga Barn from March 17 - 22, 2017 . This retreat combines the perfect balance of gentle hatha yoga, informative workshops on how to reduce stress and find calm, as well as daily restorative yoga practices combining aromatherapy, sound therapy and massage.   You will be nourished with two meals per day, enjoy group outings, pranayama, and daily meditations. Spaces still available!
Sign up for the retreat by March 15, 2017 at
March 18, 2017
Suggested donation
 IDR 150,000

On Thursday 9 February, unrelenting heavy rain caused a devastating landslide in Songan Village, North Bali that killed 7 people (including 2 children). So many people have lost their homes, schools and are severely injured. We are shocked and deeply saddened by this tragedy at BaliSpirit, as this is where our BaliRegreen bamboo reforestation outreach program takes places and members of our outreach program have lost their lives.
The Songan village is covered in dirty water and mud, a breeding ground for diseases like Typhoid if medical equipment and services are not supplied fast enough. Songan Village is located high up on the mountains of Mt. Batur and the night can be punishingly cold and many roads to the village are flooded leaving communities completely isolated from food, water and medical supplies.
March 19-April 4, 2017
Consultations are USD 300 for 90 minutes
Renown AyurVedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong returns to The Balispirit Festival 2017.  With over 45 years experience, his counsel is down-to-earth, compassionate, humorous, and deeply respectful to the unfolding creative energy that stirs within and calls to action your capacity to be of service to the greater whole.  Jeffrey will be available for private consultations between March 19th through April 4th. 
Your date, time and place of birth are required in advance.  Contact Information:
March 27, 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm  
IDR 300.000  

Your Yoga is direct intimacy with nurturing source. The principles of personal practice to make Yoga entirely your own, efficient, powerful and safe.
Breath, asana and bandha integrate as a seamless design. Apply breath and bandha efficiently to produce a powerful practice that is right for you. Introducing breath and bandha as the central feature of your asana, adding these principles to the Yoga you already know and love.
Asana is hatha yoga and Hatha yoga is tantra, the non-dual practice. What does this statement mean? "Ha tha" equals "Strength receiving" which has profound implication to our Life, health and intimacy. How do we make sure our asana is actually hatha yoga?
March 30-April 2, 2017
IDR 4,800,000.

*Early Bird registration and payment up to March 1, 2017 IDR 4,200,000

Join BaliSpirit presenter Hartmut Bez in a special HANGAB Master Series 4 day training at The Yoga Barn and learn to become a HANGAB facilitator. HANGAB is a new dimension in gently stretched Inversion Bodywork & Yoga. In a HANGAB-Flying session a person is slowly, in stages, hoisted upside-down. This gives the body time to adjust to the inversion, preventing any uncomfortable pressure in the head, resulting in a feeling of wellness and floating. The benefits are many: letting go, deep relaxation, regenerating of the discs and joints, alignment, releasing of pain, trauma and emotions, a reset of the body and energy system, activating the power of self-healing. Learn different postures, twists, lifts and energy work on both yourself and others. Register at either The Yoga Barn or online at No experience necessary, all are welcome!