" Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." Malcolm X
Happy Spring!
Ten hours a week, H.O.P.E participants study for finals, and work to end the year with C's and above and having all their credits for grade level. Through H.O.P.E, participants learn all the skills required to succeed academically. These same skills are necessary for advancement in the work force. 
We are doing another run of Prevent and Prevail, at Parkridge Community Center. We have 7 youth between the ages of 12 and 17.  Click for more info about Prevent and Prevail.
Youth who participate in our teen-run activity planning program (T.R.A.P) continue to plan and host monthly teen parties. The goal of the parties is to resolve the ongoing problem of teens having nothing to do in Ypsilanti and to prevent teen violence and gang activity. 

Cameron, Justin, and Gail will be sharing how to have teens successfully plan activities for teens at the Washtenaw Alliance for Children and Youth, WACY's,  May 5 Community Champions Meeting. 

A trip to the EMU Rec.
Summer Work Program

Our summer programming has been a great success the past few years, and it is back for another! Our Summer Work Program focuses on academics, service projects, field trips, and more.

All youth between 8th-11th grades are invited to apply for a job.
All reading and math levels are invited from 3rd grade, on up.
Programs are 2 hours a day, five days a week for the summer.

Orientation Days for our Summer Programs June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. All youth who want to participate must attend one of these days.

Programs begin June 27 and end August 15.

Math Immersion is two hours a day. We will be learning ratios & proportions, algebra, expressions & equations, geometry, statistics & probability, and the number system. Walk away with practical methods to prepare you for success in high school math. 

Importance of  Literacy is two hours a day. Participants read daily to improve their literacy skills. Studies have shown that reading is vital to academic success. The ability to read well impacts an individual's chances of future achievement. 

Community Service is two hours a day. The spirit of giving and connecting youth to the community is core of service. We will work at many places with in Washtenaw and Wayne County. Participants will decide where to serve. Be prepared to use muscles, smile a lot, get dirty, and eat ice cream. 

Activities and Trips are opportunities to visit new places within a two-hour radius. Participants will decide where to travel. Be prepared for adventures, fun, and cookies.

Enrollment in DTMAC's summer work assures one's success in high school, employment, and acceptance into college.

Teen Parties

Our last Teen Parties of the school year will be on May 20th and June 17th.
DATES: May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19
All teen parties are from 8-11:15 pm at  the Recreation Park Senior Center, 1015 N. Congress St.


Dominic Buffa has completed his Social Work Internship and is graduating with his Bachelor's in Social Work at EMU in Fall 2016. 
Douglass Harvey,   our former Social Work intern, is graduating in Fall 2016 from Howard University with his MSW. 
Juan Davis, is graduating from Ypsilanti New Tech High School. Future is still in planning.
Justin Carthage, 
a tenth grader, has been inducted to the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society is an organization recognizing students who have a GPA of 3.5 or more. 
Justin Thomas is graduating from Ypsilanti Community High School and has b een accepted into Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Morehouse, an all-men liberal arts school, is one of the most nationally recognized Historically Black College (HBC) in the United States, and has awarded more bachelor's degrees to black males than any other school in the US. 
Robert Logan, Victoria Stewart, and Zach Simon our H.O.P.E. tutors, are graduating from Washtenaw International High School (WIHI). Robert and Victoria are going to Wittenburg University. Zach  is deciding between Michigan State and Kalamazoo College. 
Tyler Sly, a volunteer at DTMAC and a former 350 student, is graduating with his Bachelor's in Social Work at EMU in Summer 2016.

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Updates on some original DTMAC participants!

Allison Melcher continues to study science. If it is science related, Allison is studying. 
Carlos Carthage  completed his first year at  University of Toledo.
Cleo Ku is the office manager and a H.O.P.E. tutor at DTMAC.
Irina Chen completed her second year at Wellesley College.
Max Bonilla  and Nils Wilcoxen are bandmates in Max's band,  Max Pegasus. Max is in his 2nd year of Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME). Nils is working at Wood Wonders. 
Megan Duncan completed her first year at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Michael Carthage completed his first year at Trinity Christian College.
Max Pegasus performs 
in his band
Kaitlin plays pool at the EMU Rec
Deputy Jackson and Aantonia at EMBODI's Face-to-Face with Law Enforcement day

Nils plays in Max Pegasus
Jasmon and Rasheed at the teen party
Justin C. does trigonometry

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