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Something to Chew On
Machine Tests Dental Materials
Allyn Luke, left and Dr. Saul Weiner
Allyn Luke oversees the "chewing machine," a device that tests the hardiness of implant screws and dental materials by simulating real-life wear and tear. The digitally controlled machine, one of only two in the nation, tells researchers whether a screw is likely to come loose or an amalgam filling has a greater potential to crack than another type of material.   LEARN MORE
Summer Learning
Support, Mentorship for Minority Students in SMDEP

From left, Alexandra Burgas, Stephen Alexander-Awad and Mariah Flynn
Pre-dental student Mariah Flynn knows that some people view her ethnicity as a drawback. "I have to be better than this person or that person to break whatever stereotypes they may or may not have,'' says Flynn, who is African American. She is one of more than 20 students enrolled in this year's Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP), founded to boost medical and dental school enrollment among minorities.  LEARN MORE 

Bernice Dargen
Work of Art
For Patient, New Dentures, New Smile

For more than 30 years, Bernice Dargen had no top teeth. But thanks to Maxsim Ndoj, a student in RSDM's Internationally Trained DMD program, her smile is now  perfect.  LEARN MORE
Dr. Maria Hernandez and Dr. Gary Heir
Exchange of Ideas
RSDM Orofacial Pain Experts Host Student

In the U.S., the study and treatment of orofacial pain may be more advanced than it is in other countries, but it's still a field that's little-known to the public. Dr. Maria F. Hernandez, a visiting postdoctoral student from Spain, says specialists there know that educating patients comes with the territory.     LEARN MORE