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July 2016
The 2016 Imperial Session is completed and what a great time it was.  A big thank you to all who were involved in having a part in its success, nice job!  As we begin a new Shrine year there is much to do to promote our fraternity and philanthropy, we need everyone's help to do so.

In less than a year we will be attending the Imperial Session at Daytona Beach. ( July 9-13, 2017)  It will be a Session with lots to do. In addition to the usual activities there will also be a golf tournament, a motorcycle ride, a pub crawl, a cigar smoke out, and nightly entertainment in the bandshell on the beach. 

The "Walk for Love" will become the "Walk, Ride, or Drive for Love" and will take place at the Daytona International Speedway.  The event will take place  on Sunday morning July 9th.  You will have your choice of walking the infield and garage area, or to bring your motorcycle or car and have the rare opportunity to take a lap around the famous Daytona Speedway. 

The excitement is building!

Make your plans to bring the entire family; the beaches, water park, and special activities will provide a wonderful family vacation as Shriners attend the 143 Imperial Session.

For updated info and a schedule of events visit  www.Imperial2017.com   and join our Imperial 2107 FaceBook page.  The beach awaits you...
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