Aug. 3, 2017


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Aug. 29!

Welcome to Canterbury School Chatter!
The Chatter, an electronic, weekly newsletter, is our way of keeping you up to date about events at school. You'll receive it every Thursday at the email address you included in your directory information form. A link to the  Chatter is also posted on our website here (under the News tab on the top bar).  You can call the office if you do not have access to a computer so other arrangements can be made. The next issue of the Chatter will arrive Aug. 31.

Aug. 16 - Sept. 1, 2017
Aug 16-17
Sowing Seeds For Success: New 5th-8th grade students,  Armfield Hall
Fri, Aug. 18
Orientation for ALL 5th grade students,  Armfield Hall
Mon, Aug. 21
Girls' Volleyball Tryouts,  Haley Athletic Center
Required Volleyball Parents' Meeting,  Haley Athletic Center
Cross Country Practice,  Haley Athletic Center Porch
Boys' Soccer Tryouts,  Soccer Field
Required Soccer Parents' Meeting,  Soccer Field
Tues, Aug. 22
Girls' Volleyball Tryouts,  Haley Athletic Center
Cross Country Practice, Haley Athletic Center Porch
Required Tennis Parents' Meeting,  Bur-Mil Park
Girls' Tennis Tryouts,  Bur-Mil Park
Boys' Soccer Tryouts,  Soccer Field
Wed, Aug. 23
Girls' Volleyball Tryouts,  Haley Athletic Center
Cross Country Practice, Haley Athletic Center Porch
Boys' Soccer Tryouts,  Soccer Field
Required Cross Country Parents' Meeting,  Haley Athletic Center
Thurs, Aug. 24
Girls' Volleyball Tryouts,  Haley Athletic Center
Cross Country Practice, Haley Athletic Center Porch
Girls' Tennis Tryouts,  Bur-Mil Park
Boys' Soccer Tryouts,  Soccer Field
Mon, Aug. 28
Kindergarten Popsicle Party (K Parents & Students),  Lower School Playground
Open House, K-8th grade (Parents & Students)
Tues, Aug. 29
Opening Day #25 for K-8th grade students
Opening Day Chapel (K-8, Regular Dress Code)
Opening Day Coffee For Parents Of New Students,  Berry Hall
Wed, Aug. 30
8th grade Departs For Wilderness Adventure
PreK Open House With Watermelon, Between Fry & Stafford
Thurs, Aug. 31
PreK Opening Day
Fri, Sept. 1
School Pictures: Lower School (PreK-4)
8th grade Returns From Wilderness Adventure
More News
Order Supplies Online
     The Canterbury Parents' Association offers the opportunity to order school supplies online. Although the deadline has passed to have supplies delivered to school by the first day of classes, the website will be open for ordering until Sept. 8, and supplies will be delivered to your home. Go to  and click on "find boxes" then follow the directions. You also may purchase supply list items yourself and send them with your child on the first day of school. Supply lists are included in the Summer Academic Program document for each grade,  on this page of our website .

Opening Day Is Aug.  29
     Our first day of school for K-8th grade students is Tuesday, Aug. 29. Students should arrive between 7:45 and 8 a.m. (in regular dress code) and go to their classrooms. You will drop off and pick up through the carpool lines even though carpool numbers have not been assigned. Below, there's more carpool information. Kindergarten parents are welcome to find a parking place and walk their children to class the first day. Please be careful because traffic will be heavy.

Open House Is Monday, Aug.  28
     Students and parents are invited to visit students' classrooms between 5 and 6  p.m.  on Monday, Aug.  28 . Walking to the classroom and visiting with the teacher before school starts will help your child feel more comfortable on the first day of school. Also that evening, please visit Berry Hall to purchase PE uniforms, key fobs, and Canterbury spirit wear.  We will accept cash or check.

All Students Need A Logo Shirt 
     All 1st-8th grade students must have a blue Canterbury logo collared shirt to wear on field trips. If you are a returning student and the shirt still fits, you do not have to buy a new one. We have a very limited supply in the office, but when those are gone, we will not sell the shirt at Canterbury. It will be offered through Land's End online. Stay tuned for details. The cost will be approximately $20. 

PE Uniforms Required
     As in years past, all 5th-8th grade students will be required to wear a Canterbury PE uniform for every physical education class during the school year. Uniforms will be available in Berry Hall during Open House, Aug. 28, at a cost of $10 per shirt and $10 per pair of shorts. They also will be sold through the PE department throughout the school year. Students can wear a previously-purchased PE uniform as long as it still fits properly and is in good condition.
Fall Cougar Sports Season Is Here!
     It's an exciting time of year for our Canterbury families.  Fall sports tryout/practices for middle school students are right around the corner, and we hope your son or daughter will decide to play a sport at Canterbury. We have a no cut policy, which means that if your child wants to play a sport, we will find a place for him/her on a team. All practice information is below, but please feel free to contact Athletic Director Jill Jones if you have any additional questions at  or 336-288-2007 x137. The Athletics Handbook and all forms can be found on our website here All student athletes must have a signed Canterbury Sports Medical/Physical Form before tryouts (you can bring with you to the first day of tryouts). All other forms from the Athletics Handbook must be signed and returned to Mrs. Jones, as well.
Tryout/practice Information:

Girls' Tennis (6th - 8th grades) - Tryouts are Tuesday, Aug. 22, and Thursday, Aug. 24, 3:30-5 p.m, at Bur-Mil tennis courts. Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-5 p.m., at Bur-Mil, with the first match on Sept. 5. The mandatory parent meeting is at 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 22 at Bur-Mil.
Boys' JV & Varsity Soccer (6th - 8th grades) - We are offering a pre-season soccer camp Aug. 14-17, the week before tryouts. The registration form can be found here. Your son or daughter does not have to participate in the camp (which is open to students from any school) to try out for a Canterbury team. Tryouts are the week of Aug. 21-24, 3:30-5 p.m. Tryouts on Monday, Aug. 21, will end at 4:45 p.m. for a parent meeting.  Practices will be most days after school, 3:30-5 p.m. with the first game for Varsity on Aug. 29.  The mandatory parent meeting is Aug. 21 at the Canterbury soccer field at 4:45 p.m.
Girls' JV & Varsity Volleyball (6th - 8th grades) - We are offering a pre-season volleyball camp Aug. 14-17, the week before tryouts. The registration form can be found here. Your daughter does not have to participate in the camp 9which is open to students from any school) to try out for a Canterbury team. Tryouts are the week of Aug. 21-24, 8:30-10 a.m.  Once school starts, practices will be 3:30-5 p.m. most afternoons with the first match for Varsity on Aug. 29. The mandatory parent meeting is Aug. 21 at 10 a.m. in the gym after tryouts.
Co-Ed Cross Country (5th - 8th grade) - Tryouts will be Monday-Thursday, Aug. 21-24,  3:30-4:30 p.m. The mandatory parent meeting is Wednesday, Aug. 23, 4:30, outside Haley Athletic Center after tryouts.

What's My Carpool Number? How Does Carpool Work?
     You will receive a form to list members of your carpool so that carpool numbers can be assigned. Please return this form to your child's homeroom teacher/advisor, the office, or by email to  John Schoultz  by Wednesday, Sept. 6 . We will start using carpool numbers in early September.
       In the meantime, for morning middle school drop off, enter campus at the entrance on Old Lake Jeanette Road closest to North Elm Street and follow the gravel drive around the curve. Students exit cars at the sidewalk between Haley Athletic Center and Armfield Hall. The lower school morning carpool line enters campus at the main entrance on Old Lake Jeanette Road closest to North Church Street, and staff will help student s exit cars at the sidewalk nearest Fry Hall. For afternoon carpool, students gather in Phillips Chapel. Drivers should enter campus at the entrance closest to North Elm Street, form two lines, and pick up children in front of Berry Hall.
Opening Chapel Service Open To Everyone
Our opening chapel service is at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug.  29 , and all are invited to attend. As always, please do not bring food or drinks into this or any other chapel service, and remember to turn off all cell phones and pagers as you enter the chapel. At the conclusion of our opening chapel service, there will be an opening day coffee in Berry Hall for all parents of students who are new to Canterbury School.
What Time Should Students Arrive At School?
Regular drop off is between 7:45 and 7:55 a.m. Students must be in their classrooms
by 8 a.m.  Students -- particularly  middle  school students -- start the school day off more easily if they arrive with enough time to unpack and get settled. Early morning drop-off begins at 7:30 a.m. The first week of school, lower school students who arrive before 7:45 a.m. should report to the lower school Cougar Den, immediately on your right as you enter the double doors of Fry Hall. After the first week, the location of early morning drop-off for lower school students will be announced in the Chatter the week prior. Middle school students (5th-8th) should go directly to their advisory room. The school day ends and carpool begins at 3:15 p.m .
First Day For PreK Is Thursday, Aug. 31
PreK students begin their year on Thursday, Aug. 31 . Children may be dropped off in their classrooms as early as 7:30 a.m. , with the class day running from 8 a.m. -1 p.m. (or 3:15 p.m. for children who stay for a full day).

Need Canterbury Gear? The School Store Is Open In The Admin Office!
Outgrown your Canterbury sweatshirt? Wish you had some Canterbury swag so you can show the world your school pride? Come check out the display in the lobby of the Administration cottage with select school spirit wear. 

Purchase Fob For Entry To Buildings
For the safety of our students and staff, doors to all classroom buildings are locked throughout most of the day. Teachers, students, and parents gain access using a keyless entry device called a fob. Fobs are available to parents of enrolled students for $20 (a second fob, for use by the same family, may be purchased for $10). If you purchase a fob, you may use it to enter the front doors of any classroom building from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. without checking in through the office. If you choose not to purchase a fob, you must check in through the office each time you come to campus. Buildings are not locked from 7:30-8 a.m. to allow students to freely enter as they arrive at school. You can buy a fob in Berry Hall during our Open House on Monday, Aug.  28 , 5-6 p.m.   If you purchase a fob, it can be used throughout your child's entire stay at Canterbury. It will make your life more convenient, and for $20, it is definitely a bargain!
What To Send For Lunch
Each day, children should bring lunch and a drink (milk, juice or water), plus a healthy snack.  Please do not send soda to school as students are not allowed to drink soda during school hours.  Be sure your children have their lunches before they leave for school each day. Because we want to teach and encourage responsibility, students will not be allowed to call home if they have forgotten their lunch. If your child would like a snack at recess, you should send it along with his or her lunch. More specific guidelines for lunches are available in the school handbook which will be available through Haiku. Please do not send candy or gum to school. As faithful stewards of our resources, Canterbury encourages garbageless lunches (reusable containers). It is our hope that families will support our efforts to continue this important environmental effort.
All Grades At Canterbury Strive To Be Nut-Free
Please note that all grades (PreK-8) strive to be nut free. We have students in almost every grade level who have severe allergies to peanuts and peanut products and tree nuts and their products (including mango and mango juice), or both. As many of you are aware, food allergies are not only increasingly prevalent in young people, but the seriousness of the reaction to certain foods seems to be on the rise. Unlike some allergies where a preventive course of action can be maintained, the only preventative measure for these children is no exposure. Some of our students' reactions to even the smallest amount of nut or nut product can be so serious as to cause a life-threatening response known as anaphylaxis, a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur within seconds of being exposed. Preventing contact with these foods is the most certain way of averting a disaster. While we realize that this may cause some difficulty with menus, the inconvenience pales when compared to the potential tragedy. Although we cannot guarantee that foods containing nuts and nut products will not enter our campus, we will do the best we can to limit exposure.

Family Directory Will Be Available In Mid-August
Canterbury's school directory is available through the DirectorySpot app, which can be used on a smart phone or your computer. You also can print a directory from the DirectorySpot website. The directory, which is password-protected, allows users to look up class lists, phone numbers, or emails, and call directly from the app. You will receive instructions on setting up access to the directory in mid-August. The school handbook, which includes policies, guidelines, and general information, will be available in late August through Haiku.
School Picture Dates Set
Individual school pictures will be taken on the following dates. More information will be sent home and will be available in the Chatter.
Friday, Sept. 1                   Lower school (PreK-4th)
Thursday, Sept. 7             Middle school (5th-8th)        
Tuesday, Oct. 3                Class pictures, re-takes and make-ups
I mmunizations Required
Don't forget that the State of North Carolina requires all rising 7th graders to have a booster dose of Tdap vaccine and the first dose of Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV). Also, all rising Kindergarteners must have the required immunizations, as well. We must have verification that your child has received these immunizations before the start of school in August. If you have any questions, please call the office.
Back-to-School Night Is Thursday, Sept.  7 And Thursday, Sept. 21
This year, we will have a Back-to-School Night for lower school parents on Thursday, Sept. 7, and middle school parents on Thursday, Sept. 21. Back-to-School Night is an evening for parents to meet specialty and homeroom teachers to learn more about their curriculum plans for the year. It's also a great opportunity to meet the other parents in your child's classroom. Look for more information as the date gets closer.
Information Available On Website And Social Media
You will receive most school news through the Chatter, Haiku, and email letters from Division Directors and the Head of School. There's a wealth of information on our website . Information -- including inclement weather closings -- is also posted on our Facebook page, canterburygso, so be sure to like us. You also can follow us on Instagram at canterburyschool.
Canterbury Loves Grandparents!
Grandparents and Special Seniors Day is held each spring at Canterbury School. This coming year it will be on Friday, May  4 . It's a wonderful time for our students to introduce their grandparents to the people who make this school such a special place. We can't invite them, however, unless we have their addresses, so please fill out the grandparent information form you received by email. That will allow us to send not only this invitation, but other invitations and our magazine, Canterbury Tales, as well. 
Please Label Things (Even Shoes!)
To help prevent lost items, please label all articles of clothing, as well as book bags, lunch boxes, and water bottles. If your child loses something, please check the classroom buildings, Haley Athletic Center, and Stafford Arts Center as soon as possible. Several times during the year, usually before vacation breaks, items are donated to a women's shelter or other outreach organizations.
Class Lists Are Coming
We know you love  reading the Chatter , but really just want to see class lists. Those will arrive in your email on Friday, Aug. 4.