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Welcome to MNN's daily newsletter for Wednesday, Nov. 14. Some of the planet's inhabitants are so bizarre that humans can't help but mimic them. Check out these photos to see if you can tell the difference. For the latest environmental news throughout the day, visit us online at www.mnn.com.



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If America goes over the 'fiscal cliff' - political slang for a set of tax hikes and spending cuts - a range of environmental programs could be left hanging.

Leaders like CIA Director David Petraeus tend to be bold risk-takers, and that trait may make these leaders more likely to take risks in their personal lives.


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In a special op-ed, climate activist Bill McKibben says now is the time for the administration to stand up to the richest industry on Earth.


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Even though most kids can't drive or donate money to charity, they can do plenty to help animals. Our pet expert has the details.


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On this day in history: A researcher predicts that we'll add 2.6 billion people to the Earth by mid-century, and 'Who Killed The Electric Car' is released on DVD. Find out more about Nov. 14...

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