It's not what's under the tree that matters. It's who's around it.
...Charles Schultz

"After the death of my husband in January of this year, the thought of maintaining a large home, guest cottage and yard was overwhelming. In talking with Denise, selling the property became the best option sold! Denise was easy to work with, understood what was important to me and got the job done! I highly recommend her to anyone serious about selling their home." 
Pat Hawley

From our home to yours...we wish you the happiest of holidays!

Bigfork, the ultimate Christmas village!

Hello dear friends and clients,

The elves have done their work. With 8300' of live garland, 100s of red bows and a whole lot of love, the village has been transformed into the ultimate Christmas destination. There's just nowhere else like it! The market has slowed down a bit which gives us time for family, friends and holiday cheer. I hope to see you this season as you enjoy our beautiful lifestyle. The weather has been fairly mild and we're hoping for a White Christmas. 
There are tons of events going on in the village. Below, I have put together a few for you to whet your appetite. When you're in town, join us at National Parks Realty for "What's Brewing?" 
Every Friday, all day, you're invited to our office for a hot beverage and cookies, on us!!! It's our way of showing our appreciation and staying connected. Come on in.We'll talk about anything or real estate and the cookies are great!
If you are thinking of listing your property, or buying a property in Montana, please call or text me. My experience and expertise will successfully guide you through the negotiation process toward the right price. Call me! We'll go have dinner and talk. 

Cheers! Denise

Local Market News from Kelley's Market Report... 

This graph shows that home affordability and prices were pretty well matched from 1984 to 2004. In 2005 the recent housing bubble started to develop, then topped out in 2007 with the start of the recent housing crisis. During that period, the median home price got completely out of line with what was affordable to the typical home buyer.  

Flathead home prices didn't return to an affordable range until 2009 and 2010. Affordability then stayed relatively close to the median home price up until 2016, primarily because interest rates continued to drop. Over the last year interest rates started to increase, driving affordability down. 

In the last year the median home price has increased nearly 8% and affordability has decreased around one 1%. Even with decreasing affordability, the number of sales are headed toward an all-time high in 2017. 
Click here  for the full article.

As an added bonus, we create websites for our premium properties. 
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Bigfork...the place to be for the holidays! 
Here are some highlights for the coming week. 
For a complete calendar of Bigfork Events, click here!
Bigfork Playhouse Children's Theatre presents Irving Berlin's 
"White Christmas"
Dates: Friday 12/8, Saturday 12/9, Friday 12/15, Saturday 12/16, Sunday 12/17
Times: 7:30 pm. Dec 17 only at 2:00 pm
Bring the kids down to the village for a 
visit with Santa.

Place: The Bigfork Station
Dates: Saturday 12/9 and Saturday 12/16
Times: 3 pm to 6 pm
C ookie Decorating for All Ages
Date: Saturday 12/16
Time: 3 pm to 6 pm
Whistling Andy Distilling
Fun and free afternoon of cookie decorating! 

This week in history...
Can you tell me what happened the 1st week in December in history to our US Constitution? 
Hint: you know how much I like my champagne! 
Email me the right answer and receive a treat!

From Libby, Montana to Washington DC, the nation's Christmas tree...
  This year the national Christmas tree began its journey on November 11th from Libby Montana to Washington DC.
Arriving November 20, it was greeted by the First Lady, decorated and officially lit on November 30!
On November 30, the national Christmas tree was lit at the ellipse with fanfare and seasonal cheer.

House Talk

Ask, answer, and discuss all things home. Click here to ask a question.

Articles with a national bent...
What does the Republican Tax Plan mean to you? Click on the photo to read the article.
Here's a handy primer of 10 mortgage number you need to know. Click on the photo to read.
Want some tips to ditch private
mortgage  insurance? Click on the photos to read.

Grieve not, 
nor speak of me with tears.
But laugh and talk of me
as if I were still beside you.

I loved you so.
'Twas heaven here with you.
Isla Paschal Richardson

Rest in Peace, dear Taze
March 9, 2006 - December 1, 2017
Denise's Kitchen Corner....a little trivia and a great recipe!

Who doesn't love Oreo Cookies? During the holidays, the delicious stuffing is anywhere from orange to green. 
But who invented the Oreo Cookie?

Click on the cookies for the answer!

Pumpkin Roulade with Ginger Buttercream

This make-ahead cake is based on an old favorite: a jelly roll. Make it with pumpkin puree and spice it with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and fill with a mixture of whipped cream, mascarpone and crystallized ginger. The combination of the spicy ginger, sweetened cream and pumpkin cake is amazing! The best part is that it can be made a few days ahead: Just cover and refrigerate. 
It's a tradition at Camp Lang! 
This recipe  is courtesy of Ina Garten.  Click here for the full recipe.

Ingredients for the cake:
3/4 cup all-purpose flour, 1/2 t. baking powder, 1/2 t. baking soda, 1 t. cinnamon, 1 t. ground ginger, 1/4 t. ground nutmeg, 1/2 t. kosher salt, 3 extra-large eggs at room temperature, 1 c. granulated sugar, 3/4 c. canned pumpkin (not pie filling), 1/4 c. confectioners' sugar, plus extra for dusting
Ingredients for the filling:
12 ounces Italian mascarpone cheese, 1 1/4 c. sifted confectioners' sugar, 2 T. heavy cream, 1/4 c. minced dried crystallized ginger (not in syrup), pinch kosher salt
Click here for a video of how to make this recipe.

Please allow me to toot my own horn! 
 Hard work pays off, I am the...
#1 Realtor in Transactions,  #1 Realtor in Bigfork and  #2 Realtor Flathead and Missoula Valleys
(out of 1500 Realtors)
I love helping clients with their real estate goals. That's
 why I work so hard. Call me!

(Based on information from NMAR/MLS for the period of 1/2/2016 through 12/31/2016. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. 
Denise Lang is a licensed Realtor in the State of Montana.) 

Denise's Book Corner....

You know how much I love historical fiction. This book, although compelling in its topic was a little bit of a let down in writing style. Don't let that deter you. Just be sure your read it instead of listening to the writers' narration of it. You'll enjoy it more.

Here's the story...

Lucien, an architect living in Nazi-occupied Paris, is commissioned by a wealthy acquaintance to do a secret job..a job that could be fatal to the both of them. He is to create architectural hiding places for Jewish people, like hiding spaces behind a painting, within a column, or inside a drainpipe. It's a challenge--hiding people in plain sight. 

L ucien is ambivalent in hiding Jews but with such a generous offer,  how can he resist? As time passes, he begins to take satisfaction from outwitting the Nazi's and his plans take on more elaboration. 

The twist comes when one of his hiding places fails and his involvement with the plight of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis becomes emotionally personal. 

I am not suggesting that this is high literature. In fact, I found the narrative voices a little simplistic and incongruous to 1942 Paris, but and it's a big but, I enjoyed it a lot. It was exciting and I love the historical details of life in Paris during World War II. Beware though, there are some gruesome parts, but the ending left a smile on my face. 

Call me and let's talk about your real estate goals. Go with Success! Go with me!
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