Get to know Casey!
Casey Norton is Lead Case Manager for Triad Health Project.
In 2011, Casey graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a Bachelor's in Social Work.
He has provided Medical Case Management services for THP for more than 5 years.

"The reason I chose to become a Social Worker is because of the love I have for helping people.
When I can empower someone to achieve goals they never thought possible, it truly gives me satisfaction and is self-rewarding."

In addition to his work with THP, Casey is also a full-time student with Pfeiffer University in the Master of Health Administration program. 

Casey has many client success stories! 
Here is one of them...

Casey began working with Jeff in November 2015.  Jeff's initial viral load was 260,936 Jeff was newly diagnosed , homeless , and severely depressed.  

Jeff was battling alcoholism

He had recently been fired from his job. 

Jeff had hit his lowest point

Casey and Jeff began working through his care plan , he continued to struggle with alcohol and depression. He felt like giving up several times. 

Casey provided HIV education, treatment adherence along with a plan for permanent housing. Jeff began seeing a substance abuse counselor at RCID. Casey connected Jeff with a network of support at Higher Ground.

Most importantly Casey helped  empower and motivate  Jeff to overcome the obstacles he faced. 

Over the next few months Jeff began to see life changing results

On February 10, 2016 Jeff  was learned that his HIV viral load was undetectable

As of today Jeff's HIV virus remains suppressed and he is over 4 months sober. He was able to obtain a housing voucher and now has permanent, affordable housing. He received an apartment that is fully furnished from donations in our community. 

Thank you Casey for all you do for THP's mission!

We had a wonderful 27th Annual 
Dining For Friends season honoring 30 years of THP.  
Thank you to all our party host and guests!

Even so, we still need to raise $16,000 before June 30th to reach our goal and ensure THP's vital work continues without interruption.  

Will you help us?

Advocacy day was a big success! 
Guilford Co. had the largest representation in the state. Organized by the North Carolina AIDS Advocacy Network (NCAAN), HIV/AIDS Advocacy Day brings together people living with, working in, or affected by HIV/AIDS for an opportunity to connect with legislators and ask for their support with policy concerns affecting the HIV/AIDS community.
Advocates thanked legislators for including health insurance premium assistance in both the House and Senate budget proposals for people enrolled in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.  This will help people not only receive their HIV medications, but also gain access to pay for other healthcare treatment and medications necessary for their overall health.  Additionally, advocates encourage legislators to support the legalization of Syringe Exchange Programs in the state of North Carolina with the intent of lowering rates of HIV and hepatitis C infections.

Furniture needed!

We have several clients who have recently become permanently housed. If you are interested in donating furniture in good condition, and can deliver it, please call us at  336-275-1654 to discuss.

Thank you to all who have given to the United Way campaigns both in Greensboro and High Point.  THP is a longtime and proud partner agency of both United Ways, and we are grateful to once again receive vital funding for our programs and services, all made possible by your support of the United Way.
Walk in Wednesdays is finally here! 

Our Greensboro prevention staff is on site every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm for HIV/STI testing. 
Find us at 801 Summit Ave!

No appointment needed.  
Tell your friends today!
Kanuga 2016

A large contingent of THP clients, volunteers, and staff will be heading to the NC mountains this weekend for the annual HIV/AIDS retreat, hosted by Province IV of the Episcopal Church.  Particpants will connect with others from across the country for a time of rest, relaxation, recreation, and renewal.  This is always a deeply meaningful experience made possible by the generous support of so many.  Thank you!

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