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Weekly Update For September 6, 2017

We hope that you had a fun, relaxing and safe Labor Day holiday weekend! Yes, its September and embarking on a new Season and inevitably change. That sometimes scary, yet exciting word Change! However we view it, change is happening! I recently read this Tip of the Week: " As a  small business owner , you have probably realized that the one constant in your business is change. You have likely also realized that the very fact of being a small business makes your company more nimble and better able to respond to marketplace demands than your larger competitors. If you are still a one-person operation, implementing a successful change" Read more

Have a Great Week and Embrace the Benefits of Change!

Kim Knights, President
Central Ohio Minority Business Association
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Highlighted Event
Small Scale Developers
Redeveloping Your Neighborhood
September 13, 2017 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
This 2-part session is geared to those who have completed small scale, 2 - 20 unit, residential and/or commercial properties or church expansions. As well, to those who have considered a development project and perhaps purchased property and developed a concept.

Case Study - Presented by Jonathan Beard: Lunch : Resource Panel: Comprised of Jonathan Beard, Robert Eggleton, Edward Dudley, CPA, Michael Flowers, Esq. and William Dodson:  Receive insight and strategies from  Industry Experts  in the areas of  Actual Development, Legal Structures and Financing Option s. Click here
Business Workshops
Communicate Brilliantly to Grow Your Business!
September 8, 2017
This program will educate attendees on how to use words, tone, and body language, the art of listening, and the importance of agreements and how to use them in life and in Click here to register
Business News
Should You Ever Cooperate with Your Competition!
The one word answer: coopetition (a combination of cooperation and competition).
How to Outsource Your Weaknesses
So You Can Focus on Your Business Strengths

Entrepreneurs are accustomed to wearing multiple hats to keep growing and scaling their businesses while keeping as much money as possible in their pockets. But doing it all on your own could actually be costing you money Read more
The Central Ohio Minority Business Association (COMBA), a private, not for profit agency, has been providing business and economic development and educational services to the Ohio minority and disadvantaged business community since 1978. COMBA provides entrepreneurial development and support to minority, female, socially and economically disadvantaged business owners. 

Central Ohio Minority Business Association
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Columbus, Ohio 43205
614 252 8005