"Faith Formation is more than a subject to be taught-
it is an invitation to a way of life"  - Joe Paprocki

It's already the beginning of JULY!  I have been here a whole month!   I cannot believe it!   Time flies when you are having a good time!  

I have been praying for you and your families, that you will get the rest and relaxation you need this summer to be READY and EXCITED to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus for Religious Education families this coming school year - 2017-2018.  

Have you ever thought about how God called you into ministry?  At this point in my life, I find I keep going back to the beginning (or at least what I see as the beginning - but with God, you know He has been working on me my whole life! lol!) 

I was never brought up Catholic, but my sister and I were Initiated in the Catholic Church at 12 and 10 years old- to help save my parents marriage.  The joke to me was that it didn't make their marriage better and we only went to Church on Christmas a couple of years after that!  

Growing up and into my young adult years, my image of God was as a tyrant and I felt He was just waiting for me to mess up so He could punish me.   How could I draw close to that God?  I didn't feel any love from God at all.

However, even in all of that, the mess that I was, He was always loving me and calling me into relationship with Him!  But in general, I ignored His Holy Inklings!

(This is the short story of my life-really short) - Jump to having children:   We put our children in Catholic School - thinking that would take care of the Religious part of our life.  And because we didn't really live out a life centered in Jesus the rest of the week, the kids just went along with it. Soccer was really our God (all 7 children played and my husband and I coached and refereed.) Then we got a boat and boating on Sunday became more important than Church.  

Here is a great video that says it better than I ever could!!!

Be blessed!  I am so looking forward to working with you!

Nancy Longo

Happy July Birthdays!  May the Lord continue to bless you with His abundant love, peace and joy!

  • Kate Sullivan - July 4
  • Ronnie Quintanilla-Perez - July 7
  • Stacie Laine - July 24

If I missed your birthday, please email me your birthday!  
Help Needed!
CATECHISTS!!! Our St. Patrick families need your help!
Here is our current list of Catechists confirmed to teach/help for 2017-2018.

As you can see, we are in need of many more Catechists and aides!  

Catechist Registration form: Can you complete this short form if you can help out in any way?  

Here is our complete  Calendar (this is not set in stone yet - I need your feedback - what are areas of concern?  What do you think will work or not work?  why?)
  • Saturday, September 9th from 9am-12:30pm  Catechist Brunch/Retreat - if you need child care, please let me know!  I think it is important to come together at the beginning of the year to be fed - before we begin to feed others!  Do your best!
  • September 12 & 13 - 1st Day of Class - Tues & Wed  
  • all Masses Sept 16 & 17th - Catechetical Sunday - Missionary Disciples - at . Please come and be commissioned!
  • Please look at the total calendar for input.  If I don't hear from you by July 221st, I will assume all is well and we will go for it!!!  (If something doesn't work, we will adjust!)

Some changes for this year (please let me know if there are issues or concerns): 
#1.  I would like to add some days for Adoration.  Maybe we could all have 15 minutes of Adoration at the same time in the main Church at the beginning of the session, then begin your lesson.
That would mean that on Adoration days you will have about 35-40 minutes for lessons.

#2.  We will be introducing a different Saint each week.  

#3.  I would also like to have parents involved in learning the basics of our faith.  I would like to use bribery (giving the Kids tickets/points when their parents attend - they can pick from our Treasure Chest of Kid giveaways monthly) - of course there will be parents who don't join in...We will make sure those children get some special treats from other ways (good behavior, good attitude, etc.)
On these Family Days - the lesson is for the whole family.  You would be instrumental in helping lead your parents and children.  We will go over the logistics when we meet in September.

#4.  I believe the RCIA adapted for children's parents need to attend an 8 week class for adults on the faith.  I have someone in mind for this.  She has her PHD in Family Faith Formation.  These will be interactive classes - helping the parents understand their faith better.  These will be during the 5:30-6:30pm classes.

QUESTION:  Do you think we need to add 15 minutes to each session to accommodate these changes?  

If you have any feedback on any of these ideas, please call me at (512) 759-3712 or email me.  We can set up a meeting if you want.

I am excited about working with you this year!  St. Patrick Religious education is going to continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit - as you share the Good News of Jesus with our children and families!  

GOOD RESOURCES for your Spiritual Growth

Spirituality of the Catechist - On-line Retreat   - 

Welcome to this “little getaway!” This Online Retreat for Catechists – The Spirituality of the Catechist – is an opportunity for those of us in the catechetical ministry to be renewed in spirit and to deepen our bonds with the Lord and with one another.

There’s no need to register. There’s no fee. You’ve arrived at this virtual retreat house, so come on in and find out what it’s all about! Start by clicking on and viewing the following brief video clip.

 You can find good resources and videos and music for teaching or just for learning!
I have categories on the Sacraments, Jesus, Liturgy, Prayer, Make you think..., music videos and more....check it out.
I will continue to fill this up!  If you find any videos you want to share with us, please send it to re@stpatrickhutto.org and I will load it for you!

CHECK OUT UPDATES on the Website for Catechists and Parents - If there are other things you would like links to - let me know!  I will try to keep this updated!

VBS NEXT WEEK!!!  July 11-15
Our amazing VBS begins next Monday...July 10th.
If you would like to help at VBS, there is an orientation and creation of the VBS space on Sunday, July 9th from 6-9pm.  
All hands would be appreciated!
  • Erica @ 210-392-9384, or Rita @512-925-5266.

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