April 10, 2018
I hope you had a wonderful spring break and a lovely Easter!

This Sunday, our fifth graders made Resurrection Rolls during Sunday school. Do you know what those are? In case you don't have a fifth grader to teach you, I'll explain. You roll a marshmallow in melted butter and then in cinnamon-sugar mix and wrap a crescent roll around it. As it bakes, the marshmallow "disappears," leaving the roll like an empty tomb. It's a sweet treat - and a fun way to celebrate our risen Savior! I LOVE it when we can EAT our sacred, holy stories- experience them will all our senses!

Now that we're on the down hill towards summer, we're busy making preparations for all sorts of fun ways for FBG kids to eat the stories- and taste discipleship in all forms- through VBS, Missions Weeks, and Camp Prism. It's time to sign up! Scroll down for flyers and lots of info- or go straight to sign up HERE!

Love to you and your precious children,

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527
Artwork This Week
Thank you, James Caldwell, for sharing your artwork this week!
THIS SUNDAY! Lunch and Fun at the Color Clay Cafe
Sign Ups End Tomorrow!
Who? Kids grades 1-5

What? We'll have lunch and then hop on the bus to go to the Color Clay Cafe, where kids will pick an animal figure they want to paint and get started!

When? April 15, 11:30-2:45

How Much? $10 + whatever money you'd like to donate to the Diaper Bank of the Carolinas.

Sign up online HERE !
If you can help with lunch or by chaperoning, please email Becky here .

Look at the pic I found on the Color Clay Facebook page! There's Brookelyn and her dad!
Easter Photos...and More!
Don't miss the photos from several of our Sunday school classes on Easter Sunday, and pics of our fifth graders making Resurrection Rolls last Sunday over at our Facebook Page here .

A Special Celebration Luncheon for Our Fifth Graders and Their Families!
We can't wait to celebrate our fifth graders of 2018! All families should have received an invitation to the lunch on May 6, from 11:30-1. Please RSVP to Becky here . (And if you didn't receive yours, please let Becky know!)
Thank you!
Summer Registration Has Begun!
It's time to sign up!

Click on the program titles for flyers with all sorts of information about the event.

VBS Blast (for kids who've finished grades 1-5) 
9:15 am June 10-7 am June 11, FREE
Registration ends May 1.
(Volunteer sign up will begin in a few weeks.)

Missions Week 1 (for kids who've finished grades 1 or 2)
June 12-15, (Tues-Fri) 9am-noon 
$50 if paid in full by May 1
$70 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.

Missions Week 2 (for kids who've finished grades 3,4, or 5)
June 18-21, (Mon-Thurs) 9am-3:30pm, 
$65 if paid in full by May 1
$85 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.

Camp Prism 2018 , (for kids who've finished grades 3,4, or 5)
July 10-13
$175 if paid in full before May 1
$200 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.
Space is limited at camp on account of housing, so register soon!

Know that we don't want cost to prohibit your child from attending, so please talk with me if this is the case. I want to help your child attend as much of our summer programming as possible! 
A Skating Camp Here This Summer
roller Skating
Roller Time Skating Academy will hold two summer camps at First Baptist this summer on August 6-10.

For more information, check out the flyer here .
Our Children Respond to the Sacred Stories
This Sunday we enjoyed the story of the Mary discovering the empty tomb.
Enjoy the responses from our wondering questions:

I wonder what part of the story you liked best.
*Jesus came back again! (grade 1)
*The same Jesus rises (g1)
*When he became alive again (g1)
*The different Bible stories about the tomb (g5)
*I liked Mark's because it was specific (g5)

I wonder what part of the story is the most important part?
*When Jesus dies on the cross (g1)
*When he comes back to life (g1)
*He goes to heaven but still helps us (g1)
*The earthquake (g5)
*The angel things (g5)
*Jesus saving his life for us (g5)

I wonder where you are in this story? What part of this story is about you?
*When he dies on the cross (g1)
*With Jesus (g1)
*At the Lord's supper (g1)

I wonder if there is any part of the story we can leave out and still have all the story we need.
*If he didn't die he wouldn't always be with us (g1)
*The spices (g5)
*Because there are different perspectives and different details. The parts that aren't in all the stories could be left out and we could keep the parts that are in all the stories. (g5)

I wonder if there are ways we can learn about Jesus even though he's not here with us. I wonder what those ways might be.
*Praying (g5)
*the Bible (g5)
*Going to church and worshiping (g5)

I wonder what God is trying to teach us with this story about loving Jesus even when we'r not with him. (g5)
*feeling the power of the story (g5)
*by loving other people (g5)
*that he's always with you even when he's not on earth. (g5)

Our second grade class chose to find items in the room that reminded them of this story of Jesus' life instead of answering wondering questions:



Sunday, April 15
Blake Dennis
Caroline Feldman

Wondering when your child acolytes next? 

Need to switch acolyte times with another family? Email Becky for a contact sheet and then please  let Becky know who is subbing for you.

Refreshment Providers

Sunday, April 15
Anna and Logan Green

Can't remember when your family provides refreshments next?
  See the refreshments schedule

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Leira Johnson , April 11

Sarah Richards , April 11

Sunday School teachers have birthdays too!

Carrie Rieder , April 12

Happy Birthday, everyone! We love you!

This Sunday we'll share the Eastertide story of Jesus appearing in the breaking of the bread.
April Event: Lunch and Fun at the Color Clay Cafe, April 15, 11:30-2:45

Celebration Lunch for Fifth Graders and Their Families, May 6, 11:30-1

May Event: Hike the Swamp Rabbit to and Ice Cream Party, May 6, 1-3

VBS Blast! 2018
9:15 am June 10- 7 am June 11

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 1 or 2, June 12-15 9-12

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 3,4, or 5, June 18-21, 9-3:30

Camp Prism 2018
July 10-13
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Monday 9-5
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Wednesday 9-7:00

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