September 17: Preston Cline and Sam Union

Wondering when your child acolytes next? 

(A new schedule is coming soon!)

Need to switch acolyte times with another family? Email Becky for a contact sheet and then please  let Becky know who is subbing for you.

Refreshment Providers

September 17: Looking for a Substitute

A new schedule is coming soon!

Can't remember when your family provides refreshments next?

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Recognition of Our First Graders in Worship on Sunday

Tomorrow is the Last Day to Sign Up for Movie and Pizza Night on Friday

Denver Downs September 29

Acolyte Portraits

Acolytes and Bibles

It's Time to Sign Up for Church Basketball

Jeremiah Hamilton, September 14

Ford McDonald, September 15

Parker Way, September 18

Happy birthday! We love you!

  This Sunday
we'll enjoy the story of the Exodus.
September Event: Movie and Pizza Night
September 15, 6-8pm

First Grade Recognition in Worship
September 17

Acolyte Dedication, Bible Presentation
September 24

Trip to Denver Downs
September 29
5:30 pm - 9 pm

Blessing of the Pets 
October 1

Children's Sabbath
October 8

Church Picnic
October 8

Acolyte Portraits
October 29, 11:50-1:30

Trunk or Treat
October 29, 5pm

Discipleship Class (for 4th and 5th graders)
Part 1: November 5 Part 2: November 12

November Event: Skating at the Pavilion
Details to follow

December Event: Carols and Cocoa
December 3, 11:30-2

January Event: Swimming at the Kroc Center January 21, 2:15-4:15

Fifth Grade Night: Pizza and SkyZone . February 9, 5:30-8

February Event: Love Lunch with Senior Adults, February 11, 11:30-1:30

March Event: Picnic and Play with an American Ninja Warrior, March 11, 11:30-3

April Event: Lunch and a Movie, April 15, details to follow

Celebration Lunch for Fifth Graders and Their Families, May 6, 11:30-1

May Event: Hike the Swamp Rabbit to and Ice Cream Party, May 6, 1-3

VBS Blast! 2018
9:15 am June 10- 7 am June 11

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 1 or 2, June 12-15 9-12

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 3,4, or 5, June 18-21, 9-3:30

Camp Prism 2018
July 10-13
Becky's Schedule
When and where to find me...

Sunday 8:30-11:45
Monday 9-5
Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-7:00

To get to my office from the reception desk, walk down the hall and take your first left. My office is at the end of the mail room. 

Need to reach me at a different time? You can always leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP: 370-2515, ext 116

Catharine Easterling, thank you for sharing your artwork!
Happy Tuesday to you!

Two things to talk about today...

First, what a delightful group of new acolytes we have! Be sure to take a peek at our acolyte training session over on our Facebook page. (Please join, if you haven't already!) We had a great time practicing. Our church is in good hands!

Second, since school is now well underway and our regular fall schedule at church has started too, I'd say it's time to celebrate a new year in Children's Ministry at FBG!

Movie and Pizza Night will be held this Friday and I sure hope your child can attend! The last day to email me to sign up is tomorrow (Wednesday,) so don't miss it!
Scroll below for all the details!

Much love to you and yours,

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527
Recognition of First Graders in Worship, This Sunday!
This Sunday, September 17, we will have a special recognition of our first graders during worship!

We want to officially welcome our newest congregants to the sanctuary with gifts and a blessing.

Parents of first graders, please meet in the sanctuary at 10 am (without your first graders) so that you can learn where you and your child will stand during the recognition and all the details.

We are happy that our first graders are worshiping with us! We can't wait to celebrate them!
Our church will dedicate the service of our new acolytes to God during worship September 24. We look forward to this special time together!
Parents of third graders, we're so excited that your child will receive a Bible from the church during worship on September 24! What a great day that will be!

THIS FRIDAY! Movie and Pizza Night
Are your kids signed up? The last day to register is TOMORROW !
We'd love to have them!

Movie and Pizza Night
For children grades 1-5

Friday, Sept. 15

AYMC, Terrace Level

It's free! The suggested donation is a can or two of fruit for United Ministries.

Email me HERE to sign up!

Needed: chaperones
                    (Let me know in your email if you'd like to sign up to help. Thanks!)

As usual, an online permission slip is required for each child who attends the event.
Have you completed a new one for this year yet?
Let's Go to Denver Downs!
How crazy! Our October Children's Event is happening in September, since the October calendar is so full!

Let's go to Denver Downs! For hayrides and games and climbing on hay bales and zip lining and corn mazing and MORE!!

For children grades 1-5

Friday, Sept. 29
5:30- 9 pm

Fee: $12 and a candy donation to Trunk or Treat

Eat supper before you come.

Pick up and drop off at the AYMC

Needed: chaperones and volunteers to provide snack

Sign up and pay HERE!

As usual, an online permission slip is required for each child who attends the event.
Acolyte Portraits October 29
Once again, our incredible photographer and church member, Ben Mullinax, is gifting our families with free acolyte portraits. Photos will be shared electronically, so you can decide which poses and sizes you want and print them (or have them printed) at your leisure.

The portraits will be taken Sunday, October 29, after worship beginning around 11:50-1:30. The portraits are free; you only need to sign up by emailing me, (Becky) here.

These would make wonderful Christmas gifts for grandparents and great keepsakes as well!

Many thanks to Ben for sharing his talents with our families!
Our Children Respond to the Story of Moses
  1. I wonder what was your favorite part of today's story.
*Burning bush because God was speaking to them (grade1)
*The chain because they got locked up (g1)
*The chain because I like the sound (it makes on the sand). (g1)
*Where the big sister hides the baby (g2)
*Baby Moses (g3)
*Floated Moses down the river (g3)
*She (Pharaoh's daughter) kept Moses (g3)
*The Nile River and the basket (g5)
*When Moses was saved (g5)
*When Moses agreed to save the Israelites (g5)

2. I wonder what was the most important part?
*When she rescues Baby Moses (g1)
*When she puts the baby in the river so the baby won't get killed (g1)
*When she saves the baby (g1)
*Slavery (g2)
*the burning bush (g2,3)
*When Moses told the Pharaoh to let people go (g2)
*When she hid the baby (g3)
*When she (Pharaoh's daughter) took Baby Moses and he lived (g3,4)
*When he killed the Egyptian (g3)
*Burning bush- if not, people would have not gotten out of Egypt (g4)

3. I wonder if Moses ever made bad choices.
*Yes, he made a mistake but he learned from his mistake. (g1)
*Yes, he killed someone (g2,4, 5)
*Yes, people can make mistakes (g3)

4. I wonder if God can use people who sometimes make mistakes
*Yes, in this story and other stories people tried their hardest but made mistakes (g4)
*Yes, Moses had issues but God used him anyway (g5)

5. I wonder how Moses felt when God told him that God wanted Moses to set the people free from slavery.
*Sad, afraid because he hadn't done it before. (g1)
*Scared, worried, uncomfortable, afraid, discouraged (g2)
*Nervous about going to Pharaoh (g3)
*He didn't want that responsibility to set them free (g3)
*No, I don't want to do this! (g4)
*Oooo-kay! Can you send someone else because Moses was terrified of talking to the king (G4)
*Frightened about going back to Egypt unprepared (g5)

6. I wonder what Moses did to get ready to speak to the Pharaoh about setting the people free.
*He spoke to God. (g1)
*He practiced. (g1,2)
*He kept asking until he said yes (g2)
*Faint! (g3)
*Prayed about it (g3)
*Practice what we would each say (g4)
*Thought about how to escape from spears (g4)
It's Time to Sign Up for Church Basketball!
First Baptist participates in the Church League Basketball for Youth (CLBBY) for children K5-12th grade. Online registration is available here . (Payment comes later.)

 Please contact Nikki Cline ( for assistance.

-The Basketball Committee
Munchkin League (K4 and K5) registration forms will be available in early 2018.

Games and practices will begin the last Saturday in January. Children in K5 can choose to play in the Munchkin League (7 weeks in January and February) or in the actual church league in a K5/1st grade league, which is registering through September 4th (games November through January), or both.
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