December 5, 2017

December 10
Sydney Smith
Caroline Feldman

December 17
Nate Marshall
Max Richards

December 17, Candlelight Service
Two Substitutes Needed
Please let Becky know if your child can serve.

December 24
Wells Shelley
Catharine Easterling

December 24 Evening Christmas Eve Service
Two Substitutes Needed
Please let Becky know if your child can serve.

December 31
Sam Union
Garrett Greer

Wondering when your child acolytes next? 

Need to switch acolyte times with another family? Email Becky for a contact sheet and then please  let Becky know who is subbing for you.

Refreshment Providers

December 10: Ryan and Jason Dennis

December 17: Clay and Brandt Gilbert

December 24: No Sunday school

December 31: No Sunday school

Can't remember when your family provides refreshments next?

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Caroling and Cocoa Fun

A Gift Waiting for You on the Children's Hall

Kate Powell, December 5

William Austin, December 7

Bentley Janse, December 7

Allie Union, December 7

Jacob LaForge, December 18

Hagen Ethridge, December 24

Graham Green, December 29

Lucy Rollins, December 29

Sunday school teachers have birthdays too!
Stacie Snyder, December 24

Happy birthday! We love you!
This Sunday
we'll enjoy the second of our Advent stories, which focuses on Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem.
January Event: Swimming at the Kroc Center January 21, 2:15-4:15

Fifth Grade Night: Pizza and SkyZone . February 9, 5:30-8

February Event: Love Lunch with Senior Adults, February 11, 11:30-1:30

March Event: Picnic and Play with an American Ninja Warrior, March 11, 11:30-3

April Event: Lunch and a Movie, April 15, details to follow

Celebration Lunch for Fifth Graders and Their Families, May 6, 11:30-1

May Event: Hike the Swamp Rabbit to and Ice Cream Party, May 6, 1-3

VBS Blast! 2018
9:15 am June 10- 7 am June 11

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 1 or 2, June 12-15 9-12

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 3,4, or 5, June 18-21, 9-3:30

Camp Prism 2018
July 10-13
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Sunday 8:30-11:45
Monday 9-5
Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-7:00

(During December, I'll be catching up on getting in my vacation days. You can find me in the office on Sundays and Tuesdays.)

To get to my office from the reception desk, walk down the hall and take your first left. My office is at the end of the mail room. 

Need to reach me at a different time? You can always leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP: 370-2515, ext 116

Nora Burns, thank you for sharing your artwork!
What a great way to jump into the Christmas Spirit: hop on a bus with 20 children and take them to sing to homebound adults!

I wish you could have seen our kids in action- and the smiles of the people we sang to. As one of our homebound members said, "You brought us such a blessing!"

I hope that your Christmas season will be FULL of blessings! This newsletter will be our last one until January arrives, but know that I wish you and your sweet children the merriest of Christmases!

Much love to you and yours,

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527
A Gift Waiting for Your Family - It's not too late!

Don't forget to pick up your Advent Guide for Families. It's on a table right at the front of the Children's Hall, and a copy has your name on it!

Merry Christmas!
Caroling Fun!

We had a delightful time caroling!

Many thanks to coordinator and song leader Pam Jones, to cocoa and cookies providers Hailey  Caldwell  and Perry Behrens, to bus driver Sean Martin, and to chaperons Krista Martin, Carrie Rieder and Carrie Cruce!

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A Note About Children's Choir
Our Children's Choir Christmas program will be on Sunday evening, December 10!

Wednesday, December 6 - all Choir night 5:30 - 7:00 (no Missions)
Sunday, December 10 - Children's Choir Christmas Program at 6:00

We are working hard to prepare and be ready for our Christmas program. We need everyone at all rehearsals to be prepared.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!

Priscilla Harris
Advent Begins!
  1. I wonder about getting ready. I wonder what your family does to get ready to celebrate Christmas.
*Our elf comes out, we put up our Christmas tree and put the star on. (grade1)
*We decorate with wooden figures, wreaths and trees. (g1)
*We put out our nativity scene (g1)
*Put decorations up (g2)
*Buy presents (g2)
*Have an advent calendar (g3)
*Get a tree very late (g3)
*We decorate (g3)
*You pray together as a family on Christmas Eve (g3)
*We decorated all in one day- it wasn't that bad (g4)
*We have 2 trees at my grandma's house (g4)
*Christmas tree, decorate, nativity scene (g5)

2. I wonder if there are special things you might do at your house to remember what Christmas is really all about.
*We put out our manger scenes (g1)
*Three wise men- we only get 3 gifts (g1)
*Nativity scenes (g2,3,5)
*Put out all the people who came to see Jesus (g2)
*Holly (g5)

3. The prophets told the people of God that a new king was coming. I wonder what you think they expected? What kind of king do you think they thought he would be?
*They expected a king with a crown and an army (g1)
*A grown up (g1)
*A good king, but not perfect (g2)
*A rich king (g2)
*A royal king (g2)
*A rich man's son (g3)
*Big strong and powerful (g3)
*Have a crown on his head (g3)
*A king with horses and an army to stop Caesar (g5)

4. I wonder what your thoughts are on why God sent Jesus as a baby.
*He was special (g1)
*He was an unselfish king (g1)
*He didn't want to hurt anyone (g1)
*Kings can be babies too (g1)
*To make people believe God better (g2)
*So people would know him as he grew (g3)
*So he could live a normal life (g3)
*So he could teach people (g3)
*Didn't want Jesus to be a typical king (g5)
*So Jesus could grow up. Jesus could be a child and still be God's son (g5)

5. In our time together today, we talked about how prophets know the most important things and show the way. I wonder if you remember any prophets from our Sunday school lessons and what it might be like to be a prophet.
*King David and the people, Jesus' people, Jesus and Jonah, the Israelites (g1)
*Micah/Isaiah (g2,3)
*Jonah (g2)
*Jeremiah (g3)
*What's the most important part? That some people were so close to God they knew what God wanted them to tell the people. (g3)
*Prophet shares the word of God. We can be a prophet through what we say and do (g5)

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