February 6, 2018
Have you ever been through a major change of some kind- maybe a move or a change in your family- and suddenly God seems to have left the building?

This Wednesday night I'll be speaking in the Fellowship Hall at 6:15 about a time in my life when I had young kids and this happened to me.

Don't let the sunflowers fool you. Just because it happened in France, didn't make it any less discombobulating!

I'll share how God drew me away from church for a while, and taught me some things I really needed to know. It made me a much happier person.

If you're free, I'd love for you to join me.

Thanks, y'all!
Love to you and your precious children!

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527
Artwork This Week

Thank you, Kathryn Union, for sharing your artwork this week!
This Friday: SkyZone and Pizza for Fifth Graders!
Sign-ups End Tomorrow
On Friday night, February 9 , we have an event for FIFTH GRADERS ONLY!

What? Skyzone and Pizza for Fifth Graders Only!

Why? Because we love you! And because you'll be moving up to Youth before we know it!

When? Friday, February 9, 5:30-8

Last day to sign up: Wednesday, Feb 7 (Tomorrow!)

Cost? $10

Email Becky to sign up. You may pay that evening.

(Pic is from Easter of first grade. How they've grown!)
Let's Go See a Movie!
Our February Children's Event!
What? Lunch and a Movie!
(Peter Rabbit)

Who? Children grades 1-5

When? Sunday, Feb.25

How much? $8 + donation

Donation? Prepackaged bags of Goldfish, Pretzels, or Teddy Grahams for the Julie Valentine Center

Sign up by email with Becky here !

Chaperones needed, as well as folks to donate parts of our lunch. :)
The News Goes on Vacation Next Week
I'll be leaving on vacation this Sunday, Feb 11, but will be back at church on Sunday, Feb. 18.

Look for your next Children's Ministry Newsletter in your inbox on February 20.

You Won't Want to Miss Our Ash Wednesday Service

Our Ash Wednesday service is going to be so special this year! It's one you won't want to miss.
It's February 14, 6:15 pm in our sanctuary.

Our Children Respond to the Sacred Stories
Enjoy these responses from our last time in Sunday school, when we explored the story of Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount.
(Thanks for the photos, Rolyn Rollins!)

I wonder what you like about this story. What is your favorite part?
*The lantern (light) and t he bird (g1)
*The part where he climbs the hill (g1)
*The golden rule (g2&3)
*The bird- don't worry (g2&3)
*Not to worry (g4)
*Jesus (g4)
*The lamp (g5)
*The end (g5)

I wonder what you think about the part where he tells the people how to be happy. I wonder what Jesus meant by that.
*God fills us up with love. (g1)
*God speaks to us when these things happen (g1)
*a little hard and crazy (g2&3)
*We can pray. (g4)
*God takes care of you (g5)

I wonder what Jesus might have meant by saying that we're the light of the world. What does it mean to cover your light and not share it?
*to share your kindness. Don't be jealous of other people. Share it (g1)
*Not talking to people about God (g2&3)
*If you cover your light, you're covering the nice and good part of you (g2&3)
*Showing no respect (g2&3)
*Being nice to people (g5)

I wonder how words kill.
*Mean things can kill somebody's feelings They might cry and feel sad. Words can hurt feelings.
*Insult and hurt their feelings (g2&3,4,5)
*hurtful, killing their souls (g2&3)
*Calling a person a name could make them a bad person (g2&3)

I wonder if a soldier asked you to carry his load, whether you would want to go an extra mile. I wonder why Jesus would ask us to do that?
*It would be really nice. (g1)
*It would be more helpful and he wouldn't be tired. (g1)
*Yes (g2&3)
*I wouldn't (g2&3)
*You split the work in half (g2&3)
*Cleaning your room without being told (g4)
*Making something for someone (g4)

I wonder about how Jesus taught us to pray. I wonder what parts of a prayer are the most important.
*When you pray to God, he wants to hear you. (g1)
*When you talk to God, God always listens (g1)
*What you're praying about (g2&3)
*Who you're praying to- God (g2&3)
*Give us our daily bread, forgive our sins (g5)

I wonder if you worry. I wonder what you think Jesus wanted us to know about worrying.
*God wants to know how you are feeling all the time (g1)
*God wants you to think everything is ok and not to worry. If you are worried, you can pray. (g1)
*Yes, I worry (g2&3)
*Jesus said not to worry too much (g2&3)

I wonder about asking God for things. I wonder if God gives us everything we ask for. i wonder why or why not. I wonder what he means about knocking on the door.
*He wants you to tell him how you are feeling. (g1)
*God just can't give you things. He knows you can live without bikes, toys. He cares more about love and people (g1)
*No, he won't. Only what you need (g2&3)
*Knocking on the door to heaven-showing respect (g2&3)
*If you ask for something you really need, the door will open. How can you not worry? (g2&3)
*God does not give us everything we ask for. Maybe I need to change. (g5)


February 11
Caroline Feldman
Molly Gilbert

February 18
Ford McDonald
Bret Nettles

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Refreshment Providers

February 11
Carrie and Jonathan Cruce

February 18
Carrie and Mason Nettles

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Henry King, February 6

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Rayan Wynn, February 9

Griffin Krantz, February 11

Sunday School Teachers Have Birthdays Too!

Tricia Austin, February 7

Laurin McDonald, February 7

Happy birthday! We love you!

This Sunday
we'll enjoy the story of Jesus welcoming the children.

On February 18 we begin our Lenten series, retracing the steps of Jesus' life, as we prepare ourselves for Easter.
Fifth Grade Night: Pizza and SkyZone
February 9, 5:30-8

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February 25, 11:30-TBD

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9:15 am June 10- 7 am June 11

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