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Technology Ventures Office 

Welcome back from the holidays. We hope you had a chance to spend quality and restful time with family and friends. As we enter 2017, we would like to share an overview of the Technology Ventures Office and encourage you to attend some of our events, listed below. We would also like to report on our new programs put in place to better serve the community @ Brown.

The Technology Ventures Office works with investigators, students and faculty to identify intellectual property and to commercialize discoveries made at Brown.  We are actively involved in launching startups based on Brown intellectual property and partnering with industry to advance our discoveries and develop synergistic programs.  To recap, last year, in 2016, we filed 29 patents and Brown was granted 33 patents throughout the world.  The full list of US patents issued can be found here [link]. Over the last 5 years, we have entered into 47 licenses with established companies and entered into deals leading to the formation of 6 startup companies. Last year, TVO negotiated 19 sponsored research and collaboration agreements with industry.

Our latest announcement was the launching of startup, Medley Genomics , the first company to focus on genomic heterogeneity to provide personalized treatment regimens for individuals based on their unique mutations. Brown recently received a seed investment from Slater Technology Partners and has recruited a seasoned CEO, Patrice Milos; see [link].  Last year we also entered into sponsored research collaborations with  Sanofi  (PI: Dean Jack Elias),  Honeywell  (PI: Dan Mittleman) and  General
Motors  (PI: Allan Bower) - revamping a successful partnership that has been ongoing for over 10 years – and renewed our partnership with  Takeda  that funds ongoing research in Edith Mathiowitz’s lab.

The State of Rhode Island announced last year an Innovation Voucher Program that provides grants for Rhode Island companies to fund R&D at universities, research centers and medical centers.  Two Brown University research teams were awarded Innovation Vouchers in December, 2016.  Aquanis LLC will be working with Jennifer Franck in the School of Engineering to provide critical computational modeling for a new active flow control system to improve the efficiency and extend the lifetime of wind turbines. Videology Imaging Solutions, Inc. will be working with Sherief Reda and Iris Bahar to utilize new architectures for implementing iris feature extraction for Videology cameras for use in biometric/iris analysis.

Student Innovation Showcase

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) is featuring a student innovation showcase at the annual conference on April 7, 2016 in Boston. This is designed to feature the inventions from outstanding student led teams across all disciplines, and to recognize and strengthen the culture of inventorship for the next generation. Student teams are invited to submit their inventions for consideration. Deadline for submission is February 14, 2017. For further information see

Supporting Commercialization 

Intern Program

Now in its third year, our intern program provides participants (students and post-docs) an opportunity to contribute their talents to our commercialization efforts through on-line market and technology research and analysis, patent searches for prior art, and research of competitive markets in support of the TVO’s due diligence around early-stage inventions.  Please let us know if you would like further information on this program.  For more information contact Heidi Meisenkothen

Executive-in-Residence Program

For the second year, TVO is sponsoring an EIR program in which serial entrepreneurs and industry leaders are engaged by TVO to provide advice to investigators and to our group about industry technology trends and insights about commercialization strategies. Click here for further information [link]. Our EIRs will join us in some panel discussions throughout the year and will be available for meetings with students, faculty and researchers (as time permits). Please contact TVO if you would like to set up a meeting. Our current EIRs are –

  • Tandoni Rao, business leader in engineering field; Previously executive at Salbec Solutions, Radiospire Networks, Envoy Networks and Texas Instruments.

  • Nick Bowen, Senior IBM Technology Executive (retired), & Professor at Stevens Institute of Technololgy 

  • Bob Place, Founder and CEO of Genesis Power, senior business executive and entrepreneur in the electric power industry currently focused on renewable energy.

  • Bob Rabiner, serial entrepreneur in medical device field; Founder of IlluminOss, Selva Medical and OmniSonics Medical Technologies

New Analytical Tool for Competitive Searches

TVO recently subscribed to a software system developed by Innography. As a service to the Brown community, TVO and Innography have made available a new private and secure patent search tool, PatentScout™. PatentScout is a University-wide offering to anyone with a email address.  It requires a one time registration and login.  You may begin using PatentScout today for your own analyses of existing patents and competitive space.  TVO is available to assist with any questions you may have about this new patent search tool.  For more information contact Brian Demers.

Collaborating with Industry and Academics– Exchanging Materials

One of the first ways that faculty interact with a potential industry partner is often through sharing of tangible research materials such as reagents, cell lines, plasmids, chemical compounds and even some types of software. At Brown, TVO works with faculty members in reviewing and approving incoming and outgoing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). TVO makes sure your research and publication interests are protected and valued. When sending unique materials created at Brown to industry or when receiving materials from industry, an MTA is always needed.  

Upcoming Events
  • February 23rd, 3-5pm IP to Startup or Not: What To Do With Your New Innovation  - Featuring entrepreneurs, attorneys, innovation liaisons from industry *

  • March 22Innovation Showcase @ Brown

  • April 7Getting Your Ideas to the Right Corporate Partner

  • Date: TBD - How to Navigate IP on Campus - Workshop for Faculty, Researchers, and Students *

*Co-sponsored by TVO and Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

Keeping In Touch 

We can we be reached through our main contact portal -- Also, please contact any of us for questions or further information 

Managing Director- Katherine Gordon, Ph.D.: 

Biomedical – Life Sciences

Engineering – Physical Sciences