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12/12 to 12/16 please call to make appointments to finish FAFSA. We can work around your schedule. Most students are done but a few still need to finish. Let's help get all the seniors get ready for Graduation.

You cant make contact with Dugan Coburn to make an appointment. 406-268-6609
New Staff: Marianne Frank
Great Falls Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Marianne Frank grew up in rural Central Montana. She holds a bachelor's degree in History and Political Science from Rocky Mountain College and a master's dregree in Counseling Education from Montana State University-Northern. She currently holds a Class 6 Educator License with OPI and was formally the Pre-K-12 School Counselor at Centerville. Marianne has also worked as a therapist in CSCT (Comprehensive School and Community Treatment) and adoption counseling. She believes higher education is very important and wants to see all youth have equal opportunities for success. Family is also very important to her. Marianne is married and has three sons. 

Indian Parent Advisory Committie & Parent Advisory Committee Meetings for Indian education and TRiO Talent Search.

Our next meeting is February 28. 2017.

We meet at Paris Gibson Education Center in Room 219 on the second floor from 5:30 to 7:00 PM
   Photovoice project with both high school students and alumni of the ETS program. Photovoice is a way for people to record and reflect on their communities through photography. The students would send pictures and a caption to me that they feel reflects the topic (for high school students the theme is “life as an ETSstudent” and for alumni the theme is “life after high school”).


  Please take the time to post a picture and share your story. It will help us make a better program.
Scholarships for college are ongoing!
We can help with scholarship searches and applications. Now is the best time to get started.
Stop in and see Dugan for Help! I have a new book of scholarships 2017!

U of M is offering mini scholarships for next years freshman.  Stop in and get information.

College Campus Visits start next semester 1st up is FVCC in Kalispell February 8.
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