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New Plantings at Woodlawn
Arboretum Update
Through a Neighborhood Grants Program twenty five trees are being planted at Woodlawn this fall.

Spring flowering trees will line the front of Woodlawn along Central Ave. These will compliment our extensive collection as well as add to Urban beatification and Wildlife habitat.

Veterans Memorial Project
With regulatory changes Woodlawn can now act on the behalf of hundreds of our Veterans with unmarked graves. 

Through assistance from area Veterans organizations Woodlawn will be submitting the necessary paperwork for the Markers.

With a donation of $100 you can be part of the Veterans Memorial Project and honor one of our veterans.

Call Patty Toneff at 419-472-2186 to honor a Veteran today.
Rain Garden Installed
In September a Rain Garden was installed at Woodlawn. Sponsored by the Toledo-Lucas County Rain Garden Initiative, TMACOG and Ohio EPA, a workshop was held providing detailed information and hands-on training for homeowners and professionals.

This is the first of our Natural Legacy Program identifing10 prime areas throughout the cemetery for Habitat Gardens development. These have all been designed to meet the criteria to complement existing habitats, future stream restoration as well as available resources.

Opportunities are available to establish a habitat gardens in honor of your families with this natural legacy, as well as providing for the birds and butterflies of Woodlawn.

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