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March 14, 2016
Dr. Juan N. Franco
Message from Dr. Juan N. Franco

In this special issue of the Husker Advocate, we profile some of the many activities sponsored or co-sponsored by Student Affairs for international students. As the number of international students increases (for Fall 2015 we had 2,524 international students from 129 different countries), we must find ways to accommodate their needs. This includes basic needs such as picking them up at the airport, providing city maps and informing them of the locations of the nearest restaurants and stores, to the practices and traditions of the American education system.

Most of the students have never been to the U.S. or Nebraska. To many of them this is a strange land, culture and people. Most speak English but some do not understand the nuances of the language or the culture. 

The priority must be success in the classroom, but we also need to ensure they feel comfortable in our communities. We need to help them integrate with our student body and we as an institution (and particularly our native students) need to learn from them. We hope you enjoy this special issue which focuses on our students from all over the world.

Our students come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but one group with a most unique perspective is international students. Hailing from 129 countries, these students enrich the UNL community with an array of languages, variety of cultural experiences and diverse views. From the moment these student step on campus, the many departments of Student Affairs are here to help them find their way to a degree and to get the most from their college experience. Read more>>

When we hear about service learning opportunities, the image of college students from Africa visiting the U.S. to provide service and assistance may seem unusual - but it is just one of the unique opportunities hosted by Student Affairs. Read more>>

Leading up to high school graduation, the adults in my life were all hyping up the excitement of graduating and moving on to the 'real world.' "The world is you oyster, now go find your pearl." I would hear this cliche phrase from my English teacher at least once a week and to be frank, I didn't understanding the big deal everyone was making.  Read more>>

UNL does not discriminate based upon any protected status.  Please see .  

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