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Pelican Express
August 25 - September 1, 2016

School Hours:  7:25 am - 2:45 pm with a ssembly beginning at
7:45 am and c arpool ending at 3:10 pm  

A Message From Cheri Gioe

We all have a Hurricane Katrina story and many of us still define life as before and after Katrina.  It goes without saying that Hurricane Katrina was one of the most memorable events of our lives.  After Hurricane Katrina I spent a lot of time helping to rebuild Louisiana communities that were hard hit by the storm.  I helped people build houses, start child care centers, begin grief counseling centers and even build playgrounds. One of my most impactful experiences was to rebuild a playground with an organization called KABOOM.  While building a KABOOM playground, I was able to meet Kevin Carroll.  

Kevin Carroll is the creative mind behind the Nike slogan, “Just Do It!”, the rubber bracelet craze, and author of the book, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball.   Today Kevin Carroll is a successful business man; however, he came from very humble beginnings.  Born to a single mom, he and his two brothers were very poor.  They lived on public assistance and moved often.  There were times when his mother would disappear for days at a time. When he was in elementary school, his family was living in a rented trailer in a trailer park. This was one of the times his mom left, telling him to keep the doors locked and take care of his siblings.  Not really sure how long she’d been gone, he knew it had been a long time because they had run out of food and milk.

Kevin made the decision to visit the neighbor, asking if he could use their telephone. Kevin took out a carefully folded piece of paper from his pocket and called his grandparents and explained that his mother had left and was not coming back.  His grandfather asked the neighbor to pay for bus tickets and see to it that the children got to the bus station so that they could travel to and be cared for by their mother’s family and they would pay them back with interest.  

Kevin traveled with his siblings to his grandparents and found himself living in the city. Living in the city, he was surrounded by buildings and concrete and lonliness - but down the street there was a park with a basketball court and a big red rubber ball.  Kevin missed his mom and his friends and was hurting and sad, but when he was able to play ball, he felt empowered, safe, strong, and capable.  The red rubber ball helped him to make friends and pursue healthy choices.  He attributes the red rubber ball to saving his life and for his life’s successes.

Kevin believes that the “red rubber ball” inspires us, brings us joy, sparks our imagination and helps us to dream big.  Discovering one’s “red rubber ball” empowers us to pursue success and excellence.  What brings you joy?  What inspires you?  What tickles your brain?  What is your “red rubber ball?”  I challenge you to ask your children what their “red rubber ball” is as well.

In Christ,

Cheri Gioe

Important Calendar Dates

August 29 - Students begin wearing school uniform

August 31 - September 2 - Mother Teresa Celebration

September 1 - School Liturgy 8:10am

September 5 - Labor Day - No School

September 6 - Bus Service will resume

    Rescheduled Events
  • School pictures have been rescheduled for September 19

  • Open house has been rescheduled for September 19

  • ASPIRE Testing - Interim I Test - has been rescheduled for September 21-29

Red Cross Recovery Guide

For information from Red Cross regarding our recent flooding, click here .

This guide provides information on drying out your home, restoring utilities, cleaning up, checking on financial assistance, and rebuilding.
Lunch Information 

We have been notified that the USDA FNS will grant approval for the flexibilities in the LA DOE request for the affected schools and child care institutions and facilities.  The State has requested that all schools in the parishes subject to a Major Disaster Declaration pursuant to FEMA-4277-DR be allowed to serve and claim meals at the Free Reimbursable Rate effective, Monday, August 22 -  September 30, 2016  for all students in attendance. B alances in lunch accounts can remain for use after September 30 .
Swimming registration is available on the Athletics Webpage. 
Forms and Fees are due  Friday, August 26.

Choir and Band

This is the final week to sign up for band and choir. Choir begins Monday, August 29 and band on Tuesday, August 30.

Young Rembrandts
Young Rembrandts will begin after Labor Day. 

Back to Business

Students must begin wearing uniforms starting on Monday, August 29.   Uniform policies will be enforced.

We have received word that buses should resume on Tuesday, September 6.  We will keep you posted.

Snack and Water

Students have been allowed the privilege of bringing water and a snack to school.  This is optional.  Snacks should be free of nuts and should fit in a sandwich-sized ziplock bag.  Water ONLY can be brought to school.  Water should be contained in a spill-proof container.  Clear plastic water bottles with screw lids are not acceptable. Students who do not adhere to these guidelines will not be allowed to bring snack and/or water to school for the remainder of the year.
Spirit Shirts

The deadline to order a 2016 Spirit Shirt has been extended to Tuesday, August 30. Click here  for more information and order form.
Mother Theresa Exhibit - August 31  

The Parish/School will host an exhibit of Art and Media to celebrate the Canonization of Mother Theresa in St. Ursula Hall on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 . The event is entitled “Mother Theresa...Saint of the Streets .”  The exhibit begins with a prayer service at 6:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm followed by a video presentation and viewing of the art and photos we have collected for the exhibit.  The exhibit will close at 8:00 pm .
On Thursday, September 1, 2016 , our students at school will have videos presentations in the classrooms, activities and a guest speaker who traveled with Mother Teresa.  She will visit some of our classes to talk about Mother Teresa serving the poor, not only in Calcutta, but also in our own community.

Volunteer Opportunities and Time and Talent Cards 

According to the MBS Parent/Student Handbook, all school families must contribute 30 volunteer hours to MBS school and/or church parish as part of their commitment to our faith community.  Hours will be checked prior to re-registration.  Families who have not completed 30 hours of service may be assessed the out of parish tuition rate.  If you need assistance in finding acceptable volunteer hours, please contact the school office.

Volunteer Opportunities:  
  • MBS Flood Recovery Support:  MBS Church is providing flood recovery support to Old Jefferson, Antioch Villa, and Woodlawn Acres Subdivisions.  Outreach, in the form of meals, cleaning supplies, clothing, greeting people and manpower, is being offered to those impacted by flooding.  If you are able to volunteer, please visit Sign-up Genius or email

  • Grounds Crew:  The MBS Grounds Crew is in need of volunteers.  Volunteers form teams that work once a month on the school grounds.  Please prayerfully consider this important ministry.  If interested, email Kathy Duplessis at

  • Wires and Cords and Cables...Oh My:   Over the summer we updated a substantial amount of hardware around campus.  As a result, we have an abundance of wires, cords and cables that need to be sorted and organized.  If you have even a little technical experience, we need YOU! This is a project that can be completed at home. If you can help, please email Mrs. Denton at Thanks in advance for your willingness to help!  
Child Protection 

The Child Protection office does not have access to its parish email account. If you need to contact Beverly Peterson, Child Protection Site Coordinator, please do so through her school account

All volunteers are now required by the Diocese of Baton Rouge to update their training and code of ethics for child protection. Many of our volunteers have already completed this during the last school year. If you have any questions concerning your current status with Child Protection, please contact Beverly Peterson at  225-753-5526  or email Thank you!