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Valentangles - February 8
Ah, love...
Yes, I LOVE the way these Valentangles turned out! Great effort (relaxed focus) was met with great results. Thanks for the photgraph Kris.

I Got To Work With Teachers! - February 16
I was so honored to be invited to provide a Zentangle inservice expericene to the teachers at Washington Elementary School in Mount Vernon on February 16. The workshop was designed to provide teachers some Zentangle basics (conepts/patterns/philosophies) so they might feel empowered to work some Zentangle into their teaching practice.

I discovered Zentangle through teaching middle school, and have worked with students ranging in age from 6 to 100. The benefits of the relaxed focus that Zentangle offers, is powerful when it is allowed to be practiced on a regular basis. I hope that the students at Washington Elementary (and those whose teachers came from other schools), will find that Zentangle provides them with opportunity to find some calm centering, a moment to put the stresses of daily living aside for a few moments, and notice the soothing nature of breathing mindfully.
Renaissance Zendalas - Febraury 22
A small class, but beautiful results, of course! Thank you for venturing out on such a chilly night Jasmin, Kathryn, Laurie and Naoko!

Coming Soon:
Zentangle Garden Botanicals
There is still space in this class. Register at Whatcom Community College.
Saturday meet-ups for Zentangle enthusiasts:
What I'm Working On Now...
These are the four panels that will make up a lamp. It's not all that "Zentangl-ie," but it will have some elements by the time I finish. Just for fun, I will also include a finished lamp that is 100% Zentangle!
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