On January 16, 2018, Governor Sandoval certified an Emergency Regulation providing guidance for the reporting of overdoses as required in AB 474.

The Emergency Regulations are effective for 120 days, during which time the Board of Health will develop permanent regulations.

The mandatory reporting of overdoses is only one of the many new prescribing requirements under the new law, which also include:

  • Providers Will Be Required to Report Cases of Overdose.
  • Providers Are Required to Obtain Two Units of Continuing Medical Education on the Topic of Misuse and Abuse of Controlled Substances, the Prescribing of Opioids or Addiction.
  • Providers with Licenses to Prescribe Must Register for and Query the PMP.
  • To Be Valid, Prescriptions Must Contain the Patient’s Date of Birth, ICD-10 Code, the Fewest Number of Days Necessary to Consume the Medication, and the Prescriber’s Name and DEA License Number.
  • All Prescribers of Controlled Substances Must Follow New Prescribing Guidelines.

Detailed information on the emergency regulations and additional resources pertaining to AB 474 can be found on the State's website: Prescribe365