PEACE . It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

This is a favorite quote of ours. Right now it reminds us of the people in Texas who are pulling together in support of one another. Our heart goes out to the victims and heroes affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We all know there will be trouble and a lot of hard work for some time, but we also know unity brings peace, and the people of Texas have united in their support of one another.

Carlos Santana's Milagro Foundation donated $15,000 to the American Red Cross in response to Hurricane Harvey. Like many of our grantees, the American Red Cross knows partnerships are invaluable. The organization works alongside local and national partners, government agencies, faith communities, local businesses, individuals and schools to support the community during this tragedy.

Help now. Donate today:

Gratitude and Birthday Wishes for Mr. Carlos Santana!
On her recent visit to Haiti, our hero, Ms. Barbara Wander, recorded the children from Alta Vista Orphanage for disabled children, singing Happy Birthday to Carlos Santana.

Building safety improvements and creating student scholarships were made possible with a grant from the Milagro Foundation.
SF-Marin Food Bank is celebrating
30 years!

It may surprise you to learn that there are people in California's Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco who are at risk of hunger.

In fact, people are experiencing hunger daily in many communities in our home county and in San Francisco. Hunger is a reality for the many individuals and families who are unable to put enough food on the table.

Learn more about this incredible resource, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

Miracles and Children's Smiles

Little Sisters of Loretto

This smiling beauty goes by the nickname, 'Mishi'. When Barbara Wander, of Little Sisters of Loretto met her over a year ago, her face was swollen from being beaten and she was understandably withdrawn.

Mishi had been abandoned by her mother; taken in by a family who abused her and abandoned again and then brought to The Little Sisters of Loretto.

On Barbara's recent visit to Haiti the two reconnected. Look at this bubbly little girl now, wearing a special dress handmade especially for her.

Camp Okizu
Northern California

Every summer Camp Okizu, located on 500 acres with three lakes in the Northern Sierra in California, hosts seven week long sessions, offered free to families who have a child or children suffering from cancer.

 Okizu's healing approach is to involve the whole family, facilitate peer support and foster an accepting community environment.

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.With a donation to Okizu you can triple your impact. For every dollar you give, Okizu gets three!

All donations up to $200,000 will be matched by generous matching gifts. Every dollar raised will be used to help Okizu buy its permanent home and send kids to camp!
Women’s Audio Mission  in San Francisco educates over 1200 under-served women and girls every year within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that inspires them to amplify their voices and become the innovators of tomorrow.

WAM is the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women. Its award-winning curriculum weaves art and music with science, technology and computer programming and works to close the critical gender gap in creative technology careers.

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