May 15, 2018
After our fun walk downtown last week, I couldn't resist writing a post on my personal blog about the way one of our children prepared for our adventure. Take a read here for the whole story if you like. (It's short!)

Here's the ultra short version:
Addison arrived for our hike with a set of plastic binoculars around her neck. When I told her that I thought that was a great idea, she said, “Thanks. It’s in case I see something.” When I nodded, Addison added, “I probably will.”

Addison approached the walk the same way I want to approach Summer 2018! (Well, it's also the way I want to approach life!) Let's head into summer knowing that wonderful, fun, HOLY things will happen, and we need to be ready to catch them, see them, enjoy them!
God will be there, whether we're on watch for God or not.
I can't wait to see God in action with your kiddos!

Love to you and your precious children,

Becky Ramsey, Minister to Children, 864-233-2527
Artwork This Week
Thank you, Caroline Caldwell, for sharing your artwork this week!
Is Your Child's Name On the Right Lists?
Please check, just to make sure!

Here are the registration lists for all our summer activities.

Would you please check to make sure your child is registered where she/he is supposed to be?

Thank you! We don't want to leave anyone out who wants to be part of the fun and growing!

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day This Sunday!

How we LOVE our Sunday School Teachers!
This Sunday, we plan to show them!

Many thanks to the following teachers on the Children's Hall for nurturing the faith of our children!

First Grade: Beatriz Dennis, Charmaine Fuller, Rolyn Rollins and Tricia Austin

Second Grade: Roy Janse, Laurin McDonald, Jennifer Restine, John Smith, and Stacie Snyder

Third Grade: Pat Carson, Judy Heard, and Wyline Holder

Fourth Grade: Jeanne Dennis, EA Easterling, Jim Gibbs, and Stephanie Wright

Fifth Grade: Laurie Berry-Dorroh, Rob Hanley, Lora Johnstone, and Ashley Warthen
Blessing of Missions Week Kids During Worship Sunday
If your child will be attending Missions Week this summer, we would love for them to be blessed by our congregation during worship this Sunday!

Children attending either Missions Week are asked to please gather with Becky and Laura in the narthex before the beginning of worship. We will process in during the singing of the Processional Hymn, receive our blessing afterwards (along with many others-including youth- serving God this summer,) and then go right to the steps for the Children's Sermon. After the children's sermon concludes, the kids will go sit with their families for the rest of the service, so please let them know where you will be sitting.
Thank you!
Could Your Family Help Other Families in Need?
GAIHN welcome bag
It's almost time for First Baptist to host families who are in need of temporary emergency housing through the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

The families will be staying at FBG from June 17 to July 1.

There are several fun opportunities that your whole family can do together. Volunteers are needed to provide meals, hang out with these families in the early evening, and spend the night too, as well as set up their rooms and take them down at the end.

Go HERE to see the open slots which your family might fill. You can sign up there too.
Have You Thought About Teaching Sunday School?
Do you enjoy being with children, listening to what they have to say, and sharing God's love with them?

We have several classrooms that need Sunday school teachers for the 2018-2019 year.

You don't have to have experience or know the stories inside out! We have wonderful materials that will make sharing the stories easy and fun and meaningful- for the kids and for you!

If you think you might be interested, just call me (Becky) or email or catch me at church. I'd love to talk with you!
Summer Registration Ends May 27
It's time to sign up!

Click on the program titles for flyers with all sorts of information about the event.

VBS Blast (for kids who've finished grades 1-5) 
9:15 am June 10-7 am June 11, FREE
Registration ended May 1 .
(Let Becky know if your child would still like to come.)

Missions Week 1 (for kids who've finished grades 1 or 2)
June 12-15, (Tues-Fri) 9am-noon 
$50 if paid in full by May 1
$70 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.

Missions Week 2 (for kids who've finished grades 3,4, or 5)
June 18-21, (Mon-Thurs) 9am-3:30pm, 
$65 if paid in full by May 1
$85 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.

Camp Prism 2018 , (for kids who've finished grades 3,4, or 5)
July 10-13
$175 if paid in full before May 1
$200 if paid after May 1. Registration ends May 27.
Space is limited at camp on account of housing, so register soon!

Know that we don't want cost to prohibit your child from attending, so please talk with me if this is the case. I want to help your child attend as much of our summer programming as possible! 
Our Children Respond to the Sacred Stories
Enjoy the responses from the wondering questions about the story of the ascension of Jesus.

I wonder what is your favorite part of the story.
*When they (the disciples) were waiting, wanting to hear what happened next
*When Jesus was lifted up into the sky
*When he went behind the clouds
*When the angels said, "What are you doing?"
*When Jesus walked up to Thomas
*Where they are looking up into the sky

I wonder what the disciples thought would happen whe they would be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I wonder what they thought the Holy Spirit was. I wonder what you think the Holy Spirit is.
*The Holy Spirit is like fire.
*Lives in the clouds
*More life
*Thing of all things
*They would always be a follower
*Holy Spirit is God in another form

When Jesus vanished, I wonder if he was really gone. I wonder how he was still with the disciples.
*He was in their hearts- and is still there
*God is always with you
*When you pray
*He was invisible, he was still with them

I wonder where you are in this story. I wonder what part of this story is about you.
*Asking why they were looking in the sky
*In the boat
*Hiding in the Upper Room
*I would be Mary at the beginning of the story.
*One of the disciples


Sunday, May 20
Tigist Campbell
Sam Union

Wondering when your child acolytes next? 

Need to switch acolyte times with another family? Email Becky for a contact sheet and then please  let Becky know who is subbing for you.

Refreshment Providers

Sunday, May 20
Becky will bring snack

Can't remember when your family provides refreshments next?
  See the refreshments schedule

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Blake Dennis, May 17

Gwyn Davis, May 17

Kathryn Union, May 21

Happy Birthday! We love you!

This Sunday we'll share the Eastertide story of Pentecost!
VBS Blast! 2018
9:15 am June 10- 7 am June 11

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 1 or 2, June 12-15 9-12

Missions Week for Kids Who've Finished Grades 3,4, or 5, June 18-21, 9-3:30

Camp Prism 2018
July 10-13

Promotion Sunday
August 19
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