26th June, 2018
Hello friends!

In the store we recognize the beauty in everyone and we work to create an experience for you that resonates as helpful, safe and sincere.

Keep scrolling to find the 'message from the universe' on the flip side of t his card by Mike Dooley.    

Here's a selection of what's new in the store...

Armfuls of cuff bracelets for you to channel your favorite heroine or goddess.  
Wonder Woman, Shuri - or our own Amanda?!

A customer raved about this light-weight, waffle-weave cotton top
from Focus when she wore it into the store recently, 
so we got it to share with you.

Eye-catching pieces of nature-inspired glass art.

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana writes, " Our bodies are the containers for our spirits. They are incredible navigational systems that inform us constantly, from our gut instincts to our heart's deepest yearnings...but we are taught to live in our heads and to ignore the body's wisdom.  As we lose touch with our bodies, our healthy resilience suffers."  This book invites you to explore, nourish and strengthen your unique internal landscape.  " These are not affirmations or prescriptions.  The Explorations are an energetic awareness-building practice which integrates body, mind and spirit, and connects you to your deep inner knowing. You will reclaim your innate energy, resilience, and guidance. "

This is the reverse side of the the card we started with at the top - No two flowers are the same, yet all are beautiful in their own way.  That includes you!

Lastly, don't forget....

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Thank you! 

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