March Newsletter
For Leaders Driving Customer Centricity

Most of today's business leaders were educated at a time when they were told the sole purpose of business was to provide returns to shareholders.

Linden lays out an argument for why this notion is outdated in the post below.


The reason what they teach in business school is wrong and why a customer-obsessed culture is the only answer!
In this post Linden lays out what is missing from today's Business Schools...
The Customer Culture Imperative
Marketing Book of the Year 2015!
For the first time, this groundbreaking guide unlocks the secrets used by Amazon, Virgin, Apple, Starbucks and It creates a guide for success based on 3 years of scientific study drawing insights from more than 100 businesses to identify seven key factors.
Measure Your Customer-Centric Culture
The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ provides a powerful benchmark by which companies can rank and rate their level of responsiveness to customers needs, competitive threats, and market and business environmental changes against other companies in their industry and adjacent markets.
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