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Weekly Update: March 3, 2017
Inaugural President Search Announced
The search for the first president of the newly unified school is underway. A faith-filled and Christ-centered Catholic leader is being sought to serve the students, families, faculty, and community as the 125 year history of Catholic education in Duluth enters a new era.  

In this new position, the President will oversee the school principals and direct the development, admissions, and finance offices in addition to facility and operations. He or she will collaborate with the Diocese's Director of Schools. The new president will work with external constituencies and engage in advancement efforts to promote the school while fostering relationships with alumni. He or she will also serve as the chief executive officer of the school.  

This transition is an important and challenging time for Catholic education in Duluth. The new school has abundant resources in the talent and dedication of teachers and staff from the current schools, vibrant traditions, and a long history in each of the three locations. Bishop Paul Sirba and the community are committed to the success of this new entity. As with many Catholic schools across the nation, the new school confronts the task of sustaining and growing enrollment, implementing contemporary curriculum and co-curricular learning experiences, keeping tuition affordable, and providing tuition assistance.

The school's vision is to guide students through Christ-centered intellectual, spiritual, human, and stewardship formation within a community of support by teachers, staff, clergy, and family members. Developing a child's faith, character, scholarship, and conscience through the Formation Model is key. Educational administrators who are energized and inspired by this new vision are encouraged to apply. Read more about the president posting.
Kindergarten Round-Up Events
Calling all families looking for a great school - you are invited! Incoming kindergartners and parents are invited to attend the last scheduled Kindergarten Roundup session  **must be 5 years of age by September 1st

Thursday, March 9th at Holy Rosary at 9 a.m.

Kindergarten Roundup was held at the St. James' campus (west) on February 28th. If you missed attending, please contact Principal Julianne Blazevic (218) 624-1151 or jblazevic@stjamesduluth.org to arrange for a tour and visit at your convenience.  

Please pass the word to friends and neighbors and bring them along to experience the good things happening in our schools.
Visits and Open House Updates
There are multiple upcoming events and activities planned for March to offer students, teachers, families, and community members the opportunity to visit schools and learn more about each campus. 

Step Over Days (for students):  Current students and teachers from Holy Rosary, St. John's, and St. Michael's campuses are participating in a series of campus swaps in the next week. The objective is to give students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with another Duluth Catholic School campus and their new educational facility, meet future teachers and classmates, begin the process of friendships and unify the student and teacher community. Tours, fun activities, and lunch is planned. Field trips are scheduled for:

March 9th:   Grade 7 visits St. John's campus 
March 14th: Kindergarten and grade 2 visit Holy Rosary campus 
 Grades 1 and 3 visit St. John's campus
March 16th: Kindergarten and grade 2 visit St. John's campus
 Grades 1 and 3 visit Holy Rosary campus 
 G rades 4-6 participate in off-campus activity and visit St.  John's campus

Open House (for current and new students and parents): All campuses will open their doors to the community for Open House evening events in March. Watch for a separate announcement with specific dates and times.

Welcome Wednesdays (for all interested families): All campuses will offer tours and visits during the school day each Wedne sday morning beginning this month. This is a casual, easy way to see our schools. Drop-in during the hours listed below:

Holy Rosary 8:00 - 9:00 am
St. James 9:30 - 10:30 am
St. John's 9:30 - 10:30 am 
Approved plan released
In January 2017, Bishop Sirba accepted the plan presented by the Call To Be One planning team. The plan is the basis for the multi-phase implementation process currently underway. It encompasses a five year period beginning in 2017 and extending through 2022, and includes seven goals and objectives to actualize the vision and a governance structure. Read approved C2B1 Plan.
If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions, or would like to volunteer please email  c2b1info@gmail.com . Feedback and questions are always welcome.
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