The shouting is over, it's time for the hammering to begin.

In the wake of a divisive week for America, this Friday and Saturday volunteers from the Congregation B'nai Israel and St. Mark's United Methodist Church gathered in the Habitat trenches to roll up their sleeves and begin building a foundation for unity and two new homes in our community.  

Over the last couple months, the Muslim community and the interfaith coalition community have come together to sponsor two Habitat homes to be built right next to each other in North Sacramento.
Throughout this process of fundraising, we have had the opportunity to open dialogue between religious organizations in Sacramento, sharing both in discussion, culture and many different, delicious foods. Over the next few months, this project will bring together over 1,500 volunteers representing nearly every race, religion, and background in our local community. Additionally, by the time the families move in, they will have dedicated over 1,000 hours of sweat equity combined, helping build their own home and other Habitat homes throughout the region.
That experience and the ultimate construction of these two homes will forever stand as a testament and monument to the best of Sacramento.
After such a divisive and bitter year, celebrating and continuing to support this spirit of goodwill and community in Sacramento is crucial.  Sacramento has always prided itself on its diversity and inclusive culture and this is another shining example of what makes Sacramento such a great place to live.

Habitat founder Millard Fuller once said, "What Habitat does is much more than sheltering people.  It's what it does for people on the inside.  It's that intangible quality of hope."

Thank you for believing in us and believing in the spirit of our community as we continue to dig deeper, work harder, and continue to bring people together to build a brighter tomorrow.    

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