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Death Tax Repeal Promising


The Forest Landowners Tax Council, Inc., along with a host of other groups, has sent Reps. Dave Camp and Kevin Brady a letter on a vote for repeal of the estate tax: "We believe that full repeal of the death tax is the only permanent solution for America's family businesses... and applaud your efforts to bring this important issue to the floor for the first time in over nine 

years. Our member family business owners across the country deserve to see where their elected representatives stand on death tax repeal."


House leadership was sent a letter calling for a vote on the Death Tax Repeal Act "at the earliest possible opportunity." The letter notes that the last time the House voted for repeal was in 2005, when it passed 242-162. The "236 members who have been elected in the intervening period had not yet had an opportunity to vote to repeal this onerous, destructive tax, the repeal of which has bipartisan support," the letter states. "We believe that it is time to bring this measure to a vote on the floor and address an issue that resonates across the nation." 



Tax laws on timber transactions are very specialized knowledge that are not commonly known. Yet they are important to timber owners in terms of the ongoing cost of owning and managing timber, forest stewardship and compliance to the tax law. This USDA Forest Service bulletin reviews the major federal income tax laws to help forest owners in filing their 2014 income tax returns. The information presented here is current as of Sept. 30, 2014.  To see the two-pager, go to:




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