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What Are We Doing? |  
Leadercast resources

Early bird tickets for 2018 Leadercast Kamloops are now on sale! Don't miss out on Kamloops' only Leadership conference. 

Leadercast sends valuable resources to help you through your leadership journey. This week, mission statements and how important they are to a company's vision and success. 

At a past Leadercast Live, best-selling author Andy Stanley (who is speaking at Leadercast 2018!) explains why mission statements are incredibly important to a company's vision and success. 

"Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you need to be able to answer the question quickly and simply, 'What are we doing?'" says Andy. "Answering that question brings clarity in an environment that's extraordinarily complex."

Can your team answer "What are we doing?" with clarity? Is it on the top of their minds daily, guiding them in the work they do? Watch the video to learn more from Andy about how to get clarity and put an emphasis on your mission. 

Have you nominated? 

Call for 2018 Business Excellence Awards Nominations! 

Do you know a business in the City that is doing great things? Make their day by nominating them for the 2018 Business Excellence Awards! 

Any person can nominate any business in Kamloops and we are excited to see who will be recognized this year. 

Member Opportunity |  
Green Living Expo

The 3rd Annual Green Living Expo is happening on April 28, 2018 and the City of Kamloops can't wait to see you there!

 This year's expo will host a full day of speakers, free zumba classes, a food truck festival, and over 50 booths! Our speaker topics range from healthy backyards, to living with pests and pollinators, to sustainable residential energy systems. 
Multigenerational Workforce - Are You Ready?

Recent and ongoing huge demographic shifts in our population are changing how we lead, communicate and work with our fellow employees.

 The reality is that leaders, employees and organizations, both large and small, are beginning to feel the impact of trying to lead and communicate effectively across the four different generations that make up today's labour force.

We are excited to have Shane Jensen, M.A., of New Quest Coaching and Consulting presenting a keynote presentation that speaks to this along with a variety of other topics at our Quarterly Update Luncheon next week. 

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Generation Z: Are We Ready for the New Workforce?

As the last of the millennials trickle into the workforce, executives must now prepare for a bigger, more complex wave of workers.

Millennials have been the talk of the business world in recent years. Thousands of articles have been written in an attempt to explore their needs and educate managers on how to properly manage this generation of workers. But, with the last of the  millennials finishing college and beginning to map out their career paths, it is time for employers to prepare themselves for a new, larger and even more complex generation of job seekers.  

Member Opportunity | Mental Health First Aid for Kamloops business community 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is being offered to Kamloops' businesses so that owners and employees can develop the knowledge and skills to interact positively with and provide assistance to street-entrenched individuals. This population is at a higher risk of developing mental health issues due to the stress associated with life on the streets. MHFA is crucial to responding to mental health concerns before they reach crises level and impact the quality of life of an individual and those around them.

This two-day workshop offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association trains participants to:
  • Recognize the symptoms of mental health problems
  • Provide initial help to those experiencing mental health problem(s)
  • Guide a person towards the appropriate professional help
The workshop is broken into four, 4-hour blocks - over two days, with an hour lunch break - where participants are given a comprehensive overview of recognizing and addressing mental health issues in the following areas:
  • substance-related disorders
  • mood disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • psychotic disorders
MHFA also provides participants with an understanding of the services and resources available in their community. Most importantly, the workshop breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health so participants better understand the various issues involved and feel confident in their ability to intervene on an individual's behalf.

These sessions will be taking place on the dates below. There is limited seating available. Please follow the links for more information or to register for these no-cost events:


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