April 2017 - Issue 61
For more than 65 years, Thermo Scientific product inspection solutions have been helping companies protect the safety and quality of their packaged and unpackaged products.  From the consistent accuracy of their checkweighers, to the sensitivity of their metal detectors, to the detection performance of their X-ray systems, their solutions are proven effective and expertly tailored to your application.  And, service and support options to maximize uptime are always part of the package.

X-Ray Inspection

Thermo Scientific X-ray inspection systems provide complete protection from metal, glass, stone and other dense foreign objects.  They provide a range of models from their entry level Thermo Scientific NextGuard X-ray system to their high performance Thermo Scientific Xpret and POWERx systems.
  • Inspection of any type of packaged, bulk or piped product.  Options for product handling, rejection and application specific inspections.
  • Software for contaminant detection, mass measurement, fill level, product integrity (missing/broken product) and many other tasks.
  • Easy-to-use, touchscreen driven systems for quick setup, product changeover, record storage and root cause determination.
  • Formerly sold under the Goring Kerr brand.

Metal Detection

Thermo Scientific metal detection systems provide a high level of performance, ease of use and reliability.  The Thermo Scientific APEX product family is designed to provide the highest level of sensitivity with minimal false rejections in a broad range of applications.
  • Detection is packaged, bulk, piped and pharmaceutical products.  Options for extreme wash down, conveyor systems, vertical fall, pipeline and other applications.
  • Hundreds of standard head styles plus custom apertures and systems.
  • Thermo Scientific AuditCheck performance verification system alerts users to potential problems.
  • Proprietary Intellitrack XR (IXR) software cancels product signals in challenging wet applications.
  • Formerly sold under the Goring Kerr brand.


Thermo Scientific checkweighers combine the latest in weighing technology with a variety of weighframes for general purpose applications as well as more demanding, high rate and high accuracy applications.
  • Thermo Scientific VersaWeigh checkweighers are easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, sanitary and scalable system.  Built on 50 years' experience with legacy brands Ramsey/Icore.  Accuracy equal to or better than market requirement standards.
  • Thermo Scientific Versa checkweighers help ensure product integrity, with models for food, beverage, consumer products and pharmaceuticals (CFR 21/11 compliant).
  • Combination systems with metal detectors, extreme wash down, dual lane, warehouse and custom-designed systems.
  • Options such as communication protocols and filler feedback for complete line integration.
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