Robotic & Motion Control Seminars coming
to Colorado

In-Position Technologies will be hosting a robotics seminar in Arvada and Loveland, CO on December 6th and 7th to discuss the future of robotics and motion control, and the fundamental aspects of the automation industry. 

Please see the list of presentations for each seminar on the event registration and register now!

Universal Robots Changing the Face of Manufacturing

A note from the president desk:

As I begin to look back at the changes that took place within our industry this year, it is obvious to me that Universal Robots truly is changing the manufacturing landscape. Processes that have traditionally defied automation due to their high cost and low ROI, are now being considered for automation. We see this both locally and globally, and we're excited to be a part of the revolution. For instance,  In-Position Technologies is now shipping approximately 4-5 robots per month, the high majority of which go into these types of "Lean Robotics" work cells (for reference, we began the year at 2 robots per month). Internationally too we see Universal Robots has surpassed 18,000 robot arms placed, a third of which are here in the United States. We congratulate UR on their accomplishments, and we can't wait to see "what's next".

How the "Information Anywhere" Revolution Helps Boost Production

Have you ever seen the term "Information Anywhere" and wondered exactly what it means? We chose this terminology carefully, so it's more than a mere tag line. Basically, the term refers to the capabilities we build into our HMI (Human Machine Interface) and visualization devices, otherwise known as Information Anywhere.

Introducing Parker's new PAC Terminal (PT)
Thin-client HMI

The PAC Terminal is a thin-client HMI that has been designed from the start to offer the easiest configuration and connection in the industry. The PAC (Parker Automation Controller) hosts either an embedded Xpress or Web Visualization application, while the PT displays the target visualization and transfers the users touch input commands back to the PAC.

Moog Animatics Releases AniCNC™ Software
Register to get the fully functional AniCNC™ software trial today!

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce a free trial of its new AniCNC™ application software exclusively for use with the Class 5 SmartMotor™. When coupled with the Class 5 SmartMotor, the AniCNC product helps you quickly tackle your milling, routing, machining, shaping and related projects.

Do You Have the Correct Precision Linear Mechanics for Your Vacuum Environment Application? 
Vacuum applications are of growing importance due to technologies that can only be applied in vacuum environments. It's necessary to prevent contamination of the various products used in these applications which include:  

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing 
  • And More! 
All these applications require linear mechanisms inside the vacuum chamber. To ensure your linear mechanics are functioning properly, you must take into consideration several factors before starting the application. Read more to understand vacuum applications and how Parker can fulfill these requirements with its line of precision linear positioners in our new blog post!


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