Think Outside the Apple
How the Apple Slices
When you go to vote, you will likely be presented with the MCEA (teachers union) apple-shaped ballot that purportedly represents candidates the teachers endorsed for the Board of Education.  Some clarifications:
  • The MCEA website states they extended offers to all candidates who filed for election to participate in their process and take part in interviews.  Unfortunately,  three challengers (Kristin Trible, Laurie Halverson, Larry Edmonds) were neither invited nor interviewed.  Following contract negotiations in February, MCEA endorsed the incumbents prior to the candidate filing deadline.
  • Many voters believe that all teachers participated in the endorsement process.  Instead, MCEA Board and committee members determined the recommendations.  In fact, many teachers are supporting the challengers by volunteering at the voting centers.
  • There are no "evil" players here.  MCEA is entitled to follow their own process for the benefit of their union.  It's up to the voters to determine how much control MCEA should have over the election of Board of Education members.

No matter how you slice the apple, all of the Board of Education candidates bring their  unique set of strengths and commitment.  Please, think outside the apple when you decide who are the best candidates to lead the Board of Education over the next four years.