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Third Quarter 2015 Newsletter 
From the President | September 2015

As we 'pause' for a couple of weeks between conferences, I've had an opportunity to reflect on what a great organization NAPAMA is. For those of you who were able to attend either or both of our first two members meetings this fall, I think you'll agree that the level of what we are doing and, perhaps more importantly, the level of collegiality within our association, is at an all-time high. With over 180 member organizations currently active, we are now at a point where we are able to really look at how we can make a difference in our industry and within the arts community at large. Over the last years we have seen an ever increasing level of cooperation with the arts conferences to help make the conference experience a great one for all participants. We have achieved a record number of programs for our members including the annual Agent Manager Retreat, the annual Conference Caravan, the absolute lowest industry subscription rate for Celebrity Access and, we are about to embark on the second Performing Arts Industry State of the Industry survey.

As I have mentioned at the recent members meetings, in May the board took part in a strategic planning session. During that session, we developed ideas for some new programs that will allow NAPAMA to really take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience within our membership and begin to give back to the community. At the next meeting of the board, immediately prior to PAE, we will be discussing and beginning to frame the steps necessary to put those programs into action. I may be mistaken but I believe we are the only Arts Industry organization of our size or complexity without a paid administrator to coordinate its activities. So it is vital that all of our members answer the call when it comes and be willing to step up to the best of their ability and allow us to continue the great work we are doing both within our organization and without. The eyes of our industry will be on us; let's not disappoint.

I hope your conference season is off to a great start - have a wonderful fall.
~Jerry Ross, President
We are seeking nominations for the NAPAMA Agent & Manager Award and the NAPAMA Presenter Award. You can read criteria and nominate your colleagues by following the links below.

Conference Updates
Board member Lynn Fisher has worked with our conference liaisons to compile updates on the upcoming conferences. 2015/2016 dates for all are below as are the host city and a link to the conference website for conference, hotel and travel information. 

South Arts/Performing Arts Exchange
PAE will be in Baltimore, MD September 28-October1.
Download our conference cheat sheet here.
Arts Northwest
Arts Northwest will be in Boise, ID October 12-15 
Download our conference cheat sheet here.
Ohio Arts Presenters Network (OAPN)
OAPN will be in Sandusky, OH October 19-21.    

North Carolina Arts Market 
Arts Market will be in Durham, NC November 2-4, 2015 

APAP - See the section below.

Chamber Music America (CMA)
CMA will be in NYC January 7-10, 2016

International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA)
The annual January ISPA Congress will be held in NYC January 12-14, 2016. ISPA is accepting Pitch application through September 30 - for more information, click here.

International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY)
Showcase 2016 will be held in Montreal, Quebec January 27-30, 2016. Click here for the conference website.

Performing Arts Encounter - Conference in Mexico City, Mexico  

VII Performing Arts Encounter
December 9-13, 2015, Mexico City
The Encounter is an international forum that brings together artists and professionals in the field of performing arts to generate networking.
  • Opportunities to realize tours, presentations, artistic residences, etc.
  • Showcases of dance, music, theater and scenic interdisciplinary projects.
  • Business networking sessions.
  • Colloquium of mobility and touring of performing arts products.
  • Pitch sessions.
If you have questions about this conference please email If you have questions about working in Mexico, please reach out to board member Lynn Fisher. Lynn offers a wealth of knowledge and experience on working with our Mexico neighbors.
APAP News  
A reminder to all that APAP is later than usual this year (1/15/16 - 1/18/16) due to hotel issues. 

October 5 (5pm EST) is the final day for the advance registration rate.
October 14 is the deadline for Inside Arts advertising space 
October 15 is the deadline for final exhibitor fees. 

The expo hall is almost completely full so if anyone is still deciding on a booth, please do so now.
For advance planning, the schedule at a glance is available on the APAP website here.

There are a total of 12 Arts Presenting events in NY the first half of January and it's estimated that approximately 45,000 arts professionals will be in the city during that time. For a full list of events visit APAP here.

APAP will be offering Pre-con PD sessions. See what they are and make plans to attend

Finally, early bird rates at the Sheraton expire on September 20th.

As additional news and deadlines arise, we will send out NAPAMA Alerts to the membership.
Making Artistic Cents    
We're making our conference rounds this fall with our professional development session, Making Artistic Cents. We've presented at WAA and AMW so far. Below are details on the other conferences.

Performing Arts Exchange, Baltimore, MD
New Colleagues Session: Monday, 9/28 at 4:45pm
Making Artistic Cents: Tuesday, 9/29 at 9:00am
Member Meeting: Thursday, October 1 at 8:00am

Arts Northwest, Boise, ID
New Colleagues Session: Monday, 10/12 at 4:00pm
Making Artistic Cents: Tuesday, 10/13 at 8:30am
Member Meeting: Tuesday, 10/13 at 5:30pm
SAVE THE DATE: 2016 Agents & Managers Retreat

May 15-17, 2016
The Shawnee Inn, Delaware Water Gap, PA

Like getting a college semester of valuable knowledge in 2 days. Then there is the social end that builds relationships that can turn into project partnerships. Finally there is simply the FUN relaxed environment all this good stuff happens in. Invaluable.

Educational, collegial, insightful.
CPAE Update    
The fifth year of Certification for Performing Arts Executives / CPAE begins on October 13. Specifically designed for agents and managers, company directors, artists, and presenters who want to expand their knowledge of the industry, certification helps you better negotiate and build career success and achieve goals in an increasingly competitive field. Seasoned industry professionals teach the online classes on the second Tuesday of the month, October through May. The full certification program consists of 8, 3-hour classes offered through The University of New Orleans' Program in Arts Administration. Scholarships are available through NAPAMA and Arts Northwest if you register for all eight sessions at once. Read more about the program and scholarship process here.
Comings and Goings

Our Facebook feeds have been over run with news of colleagues leaving positions, retiring, and starting new endeavors. Click here for a round up of who is where as from mid-June through mid-September.

Conference Emailing
With conference season comes conference lists. We're all getting emails from artists and agencies who are not cleaning up the Excel list prior to import. Here is the email Jenny Morris has sent and shared with all of us to help improve this situation. We encourage you to use as well so the perhaps together we can send an industry message to stop spamming: 

Thank you for your email but I do not believe I am the intended target audience. Please remove me from your mailing list. I implore you to please delete the list you have uploaded from [Conference X]. Go back through the Excel list, delete the names of agents and presenters who are not appropriate for you and then re-upload a clean list for future use. This type of spam is causing presenters to Opt Out of providing their email names when registering from a conference and is shutting down university servers around the country. Please do your part to cut down on industry SPAM and for your own clean records, never blindly import an excel list. 

Most sincerely,
[Your name]

Thanks for your cooperation!
Member News
The member news to report is that everyone is in conference mode and had nothing to say! So I am giving you an inspiring photo of the Appalachian Trail. It's a busy time of year so take care to sleep, eat, and carve out time for yourself and time with your family. Or get outside and take a hike. Master Appalachian Trail hiker David Wannen will lead us on a hike at next year's retreat and we hope you'll join us. 

Industry News/Awards
University Musical Society (UMS) has been selected as one of the 2014 recipients of the National Medal of Arts
PAE will honor Sharon Moore with Mary Beth Treen Award. Sharon is the Director of NC State Live.

Our sympathies are with our colleague Barbara Parker of Piedmont Arts. Her daughter, Allison Parker, was killed this summer in a tragic shooting. 

Michael Wolf August 7, 1947 - July 4, 2015

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Wolf this summer. Michael was most recently Performance Manager at The Cerritos Center, having retired in 2014 and prior to that Production Manager with UCLA. Over the years Michael built up such wonderful relationships with folks in the performing arts community. Whether by telephone or email, Michael always tried to conduct business with graciousness and humor.

From his 2014 retirement note:

After 10 years at UCLA (and a major earthquake that closed our building, riots, demonstrations, reprimanding Yo Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer for climbing the dock ladder with their instruments, etc.) I wanted something more and jumped at the chance to go to the
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts as their Performance Manager. Now suits and ties were part of my wardrobe! I left UCLA on June 1, 2001 and started my commute to Cerritos on June 4, 2001. A highlight of my time at Cerritos has to be the opportunity to program the Cabaret Series in the Sierra Room.

You can watch a video memorial here. You can read his retirement note here and more about his career here .
Wishing you a busy and successful fall conference season!
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David Wannen 
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