April 2017
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We're on the Road
The Jane Group will be traveling to present crisis training workshops in Connecticut, Florida, New York, Indiana and Pennsylvania. We're happy to add additional stops, so if your school is nearby, contact us to discuss training at your school.  Click here for list of workshops.
Cracking the Code

Schools that neglect to provide guidance for parents on the recommended behaviors for a successful working relationship with teachers, administrators, and fellow parents, often stumble into situations that are murky and uncharted, with parents behaving in ways that would fail to meet the expectations set by even your school's established honor code. This can lead to uncomfortable moments that can quickly escalate to public relations concerns. So, how do successful schools communicate guidelines to parents in a way that is not interpreted as patronizing or diminishing?

Ideally, less desirable behaviors could be discouraged with a properly presented parent code of conduct, more suitably shared as expectations for parents or perhaps a parents' bill of rights, depending on your school's style. Regardless of the naming, an ideal parent code of conduct addresses your shared partnership in the education, health and safety of their children and the necessity of their support of your school's mission and expectations of students. Examples of parent conduct codes may be found online, or please feel free to contact us for assistance in drafting your school's policy. 
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