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Bullied in school?    Here are 3 simple steps on how to respond:
1-  Send an e-mail  the same day to the principal of the school detailing the incident and requesting to meet.
2-  File a formal complaint to the school . This form should be posted on the school website or request a copy from the administration.
3-  Call CAIR-WA  and we will be able to assist you:  206.367.4081

School Related Complaints Received in 2016 so far: 22
2016 Civil Rights Team; not pictured: Maridee BonDea
Welcome to our November Newsletter!

This month we will be sharing with you different meetings we had in October that have been in the working for the past two years. Also included is  our case highlight for this month chosen specifically to bring light to an issue we see frequently: housing discrimination. Everyone has rights as tenants in WA state which is why we are holding our "Know Your Rights" event to inform you of your rights as Muslims living in WA. Details of the events are listed below. 

As always feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions. Our civil rights department will be happy to help you.
Welcoming Our Newest Civil Rights Intern
Maridee BonaDea retired this year from a long career as an Accountant.   Since her retirement she has worked  for; the Office of Women's Rights with the City of Seattle,  served in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa, served  on the King County Affirmative Action Employee Advisory committee, and  worked with the City of Seattle as a Facilitator for Race workshops in connection with RACE, an exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. 
Maridee is interested in pursuing work in Civil Rights during her retirement. We are happy to welcome Maridee to our team. 

Housing Discrimination Case Spotlight
Beginning in April 2016, a Muslim man was continually harassed by his landlord. His landlord refuses to accept his rent, continues to give threats of eviction, never responds to requests of maintenance assistance, and treats his family deplorably  compared to other tenants. CAIR-WA has been working on his case since August 2016.

CAIR-WA's Civil Rights team member, Jim Maher says, "[Our client]  has a valid lease on his apartment and follows the rules of the complex.  There is no justification for the harassment he has suffered.  We hope the involvement of the Human Rights Commission will help rectify the situation.   Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) has determined there is enough evidence to file a claim. CAIR-WA's civil rights team is currently working to resolve this issue.
Take Action! If you or someone you know has been targeted by a landlord for being Muslim please click here so that our Civil Rights Department can contact you and find the best way to help you. 

Jasmin Samy, CR Manager, and Megan Fair, CR Assistant Manager, discussing the issues at hand.
Meeting with the USDA and Adam Smith's Office
Over the past two years at least 13 halal grocery stores in King County have lost their ability to process food stamps, a USDA funded program. CAIR-WA is collaborating with One America, the Somali Grocery Association and Representative Adam Smith's office to address this issue. CAIR-WA believes this issue is rooted in the USDA misunderstanding the cultural shopping patterns of these stores predominantly Muslim customers. It has been an ongoing problem, first addressed by One America in 2002. 

CAIR-WA participated in a meeting with USDA, Representative Smith, One America and the Somali Grocery Association this past month.  CAIR WA's Civil Rights Assistant Manager, Megan Fair, says that; "Adam Smith's Office is taking action to build congressional support for policy change on a national level." Our Civil Rights team will continue to advocate for these stores until this issue is resolved. 
Addressing Our Youth 
CAIR-WA and the Seattle Office of Civil Rights partnered with  Companion Athletics last week to give a Know Your Rights presentation to over 18 high schools students. The presentation focused on employment rights and discussed the issues of bullying and discrimination at schools. 

Companion Athletics is a basketball league meant to motivate young Seattle-area Muslims to keep their GPAs up and lead clean, successful lives using basketball as a way to bring them all together.  

Thanks to Hassan Wardere for helping organize such a beneficial event!
Upcoming Events
CAIR-WA and The Seattle Office of Civil Rights are co-leading three separate  presentations to the Muslim community. The aim of our presentation is to increase your awareness on issues that you could face when applying for employment or searching for housing. We want to develop your understanding of religious discrimination and help you feel empowered! Click here to view our Know Your Rights Event Flyer

The third event will be held at 10:00 am on December 3, 2016 at:
Somali Community Center
8810 Renton Avenue S in Seattle

For more information please email: 
CAIR-WASHINGTON | | 206.367.4081 |