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The Earth Center Presents
  Sidereal Calendar 412 Finding Our Place In Time


A Lecture Presentation on  
The Sidereal Calendar
By Hatnima Shemzura 

Join us as we explore:
  • The purpose of using a calendar
  • Connections between spirituality and astronomy
  • The 1461 year cycle of the Septet (Sirius) Star
  • Human connections to cycles of the universe
  • The history of time division
  • Using and reading the Sidereal Calendar

At The Earth Center

405 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 

4th of Nwt 411 (Saturday, 9/08/12)

Free Event, Donations Welcome  

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 Sidereal Calendar 412

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Sidereal Calendar 412    
  Sidereal Calendar 412  



The Sidereal Calendar is humanity's oldest and most astronomically correct calendar.  This calendar is also an essential guide for the M'TAM spiritual initiate because it includes the traditional Kemetic Holy Days and the appropriate days to perform spiritual activities and to make offerings to Ancestors and the Divine World.  The Sidereal Calendar is based on 3 cycles: The seasonal year of 365/366 days.  The medium year of 1461 day (4 seasonal years).  The great year of 1461 years. It was used during the times of the Pharaohs and it successfully links individual to his or her heritage an culture by revealing divisions of time accurately.  The Sidereal Calendar features the original names of months and days of the week, as well as the original traditional Holy Days, not political "holidays."  Presently, we are approaching the end of the 411th year of the Sidereal Calendar (which is the 411th year since the last full cycle of the Sirius star). 


The Culture of the Kem (Kemetic person) remains the model for all subsequent cultures throughout history. As humanity's first civilization, it remains without equal for its accomplishments in all fields of what we now call science, culture and spirituality. The foremost focus of the Kemetic society is upon the quality of the individual. Each individual is educated with the tools to contain his barbaric tendencies with the goal of rising towards the Divine World from where he finds his origin.

The core concepts that are at the foundation of Kemetic Culture and personal refinement are highlighted within this year's calendar. These concepts are presented with quotes from the The Earth Center's founder, Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig who reintroduced the Sidereal Calendar. Each quote is accompanied by a photo by Isadore Howard taken during the Earth Center's annual pilgrimage to Merita (Africa). We wish that the reader be inspired by this building block of human civilization and finds it useful as a tool in the quest for knowledge.
The Sidereal Calendar DVD


Within this dynamic presentation, Master  Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, Kemetic High Priest and Spiritual Master lays the foundation for understanding the original reason and techniques for keeping time, Master Naba's captivating lecture reveals the background to humanity's original calendar, exploring the following topics


What is time?

What is a year?

Origins of the clock

The 1461 year cycle of the Septet (Sirius) star

Explanation of the leap year

The human connectionto universal cycles

The rhythms of the sun, moon, and Earth

The information in this lecture has been preserved by the Dogon people of West Africa and is now being presented to the public. For the first time in over 2000 years these fundamental concepts of time division help humanity find our pace within  the existence that surrounds us!  

If we are able to recognize that there cannot be anything that exists that does not have a history behind it, then we will be able to also see that it is through correctly understanding our history that we can be able to know ourselves and in which direction we are going.  One way that modern colonizers have ensured that the masses they exploit remain conquerable is by making sure that we do not have accurate knowledge of our history, and of our alignment in time and space.   


Find your place in time today!!