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This Sunday May 21, 2017
The final Sunday of Religious Education Programming for Children and Youth before summer break 
This month's ministry theme is 

This morning we celebrate the Rainbow Chalice 
 in Children's Worship!

9:15-- 4 year-olds through 4th grade begin in Children's Worship.

11:15-- Kindergarten through 4th grade begin in Children's Worship.

Pre-K children's space is Lower Hall Room 1 and
5th-12th grades begin in their meeting spaces.

Parents are asked to pick their children up  
from their RE at 10:30 and 12:30. 
Upcoming Fun at Church!

Register TODAY for S ummer Sunday RE Kid's Co-Op!  
The fun starts Next Sunday May 28!
All rising Kindergarten through rising 5th graders are invited to join in special fun throughout the summer from 10 AM-11 AM on Sunday mornings (concurrent with our 10 AM summer worship services.)  Activities include Legos, camp games, paper airplane making, monster bubbles, geodes, tie dye and more!  All children must be registered in order to participate.  Pick up a registration form this Sunday at church or print yours here. Parents volunteer in teams to lead the activities and everyone gets a chance to attend worship too.  For more information, speak with RE Assistant Caroline Heins

Sunday May 21--Last Day of Children & Youth RE
Programming and SUNDAY SUNDAE!
It is time to wrap up another great church school year, offer thanks to our wonderful RE volunteers and enjoy an ice cream treat with friends at church. Join the fun in the social hall after worship/RE for ice cream and all the trimmings! Thanks to everyone for an awesome year in RE!

Religious Education Volunteer Appreciation 
All RE Volunteers for the 2016-2017 church school year are asked to stop by the RE table in the social hall after RE/worship and pick up their very special thank you gift from the RE Committee.  We love our RE volunteers and couldn't have the awesome RE program that we have without you!  Thank you so much for supporting our church's children and youth! 
Religious Education this Sunday for Children & Youth   
Early Childhood Programs  
Celebrating Me & My World (Infant through 3 year-olds at 9:15, Infant to Pre-K at 11:15 service) 
Our lesson is "I Can Celebrate" and we will be celebrating all the fun we have at church together. We will light our chalice, have snack and play--we even plan to go outside on the playground and blow bubbles! 

Spirit Play (4 & 5 year-olds and Kindergarten at 9:15 only)
This week's story is The Rooster who Learned to Crow. We will be exploring all the ways we've been growing and learning at church this year. Children will then have the opportunity to embody the message of the story in a variety of activities provided in the classroom. We will have our "feast" as well as light our chalice and share joys and sorrows.
Elementary Programs 
11:15 "Love Surrounds Me"  (K-1st grade)    
This session is a celebration of our year of growing and learning together! We will reviews our7 UU Principles and celebrate their application in all the Beloved Communities participants can name: home, school, neighborhood, and faith community. Children will create a special booklet to take home and share.

9:15 & 11:15  "Love Will Guide Us" 

(1st-4th grades at 9:15 & 2nd-4th grades at 11:15)   
This concluding session reinforces and celebrates connections among love, Unitarian Universalism, and the seven Sources. The story "Love is the Golden Rule" draws from many Sources to encourage participants to hold love as a central guiding force.
Youth Programs

11:15 Riddle and Myster  5th & 6th grades
This session offers potential answers and a fun, thoughtful conclusion to Riddle and Mystery. It asks youth to identify common UU ideas about mystery, faith and big questions. They consider a UU teen's story about her Unitarian Universalist experience and create a final WCUU broadcast.  
Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) Senior High Youth Group
This week's session will be a celebration of all things YRUU!  We will also share with one another the first three lines we might imagine for our own autobiography!  
Adult Faith Development Racial Justice Offerings

#WhiteSupremacyTeachIn Follow Up Conversation, Sunday May 28, 11:15-12:15 Lower Hall Room 2. All are welcome to join in further reflection with RevWik as we continue the important work of racial justice and our mutual liberation. Child care provided if requested in advance. Please contact Caroline Heins, RE Assistant, to make child care arrangements.
RACE : the power of an illusion. We'll watch Part 3 of the 2003 PBS television series on Friday, June 30, 6:45 - 9:00 pm. Church Parlor. Facilitator: Bob Gross. Who is 'white?' In the early 20th century the answer wasn't always clear. Often the courts had to decide, and they resorted to contradictory logic to maintain the color line. After World War II 'whiteness' increasingly meant owning a home in the suburbs, aided by discriminatory federal policies. European ethnics, once considered not quite 'white', blended together as they reaped the advantages of 'whiteness' - including increased equity as property values rose dramatically - while African-Americans and other people of color were locked out. Today the average 'white' family has eight (8) times the wealth of the average Black family. 54 years after the Civil Rights movement, the playing field is still not level. After viewing this 1-hour video we'll invite discussion and suggest further resources.

Race Café, Saturday August 12 from 2-4pm, Lower Hall Classroom 2. Come to church to talk about Race. What's on your mind? What are your experiences? What are your sticking points, excitements, worries, concerns, stumbling blocks, surprises, delights? What do you want to say in a non-judgmental environment out loud in a group of people you might or might not know? Modeled after the "Death Café", http://deathcafe.com/what/ where there is no agenda. Designed for people who want to talk about race. Listening politely is required. Coffee, tea, and sweets will be provided. For more information, speak with Kate Fraleigh.
Other Adult Faith Development Offerings:

Contemplative Worship, 11:45-12:30 PM. Join others on the outdoor labyrinth for this mid-week sacred pause. In addition to the labyrinth, stones are available for stacking/meditation under the oak outside  the social hall. Linger in the Remembrance Garden as you make your way to the sanctuary for readings, reflection, meditation, candles of Hope and Remembrance and/or writing in the sands of Atonement and Forgiveness. Bring your journal. Close your eyes and rest.  Give yourself the gift of renewal during the week. All are welcome. Come and go as you need.

Wednesday Wonderings, from 12:45-1:15 PM, Church Parlor.
Join us for thoughtful readings and discussions in a open-minded and open-hearted atmosphere. Of late we have been reading and reflecting on passages from "The Book of Awakening" by Mark Nepo. Take a mid-week break to feed your mind and spirit.

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