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This Sunday September 24, 2017

This Sunday in Children's Worship, we continue our exploration
of bravery
and everyday acts of courage.

At 9:15, children four years-old through 4th grade attend Children's Worship.
At the 11:15 service, Kindergarten through 5th grade attend Children's Worship.

Children in the pre-K group begin in Lower Hall Classroom 1.  
6th grade and up begin in their classrooms.

Parents are asked to pick their children up from their RE classes at 10:30 and 12:30.
Opportunities for Family Fun at Church

L iving O ur V alue s E veryday ( LOVE )
Racial Justice Activites for UU Familes 
Friday October 13, 5:30-7:30PM, Social Hall. Join other families from our congregation in a simple supper followed by activities designed to help families engage meaningfully with the work of racial justice and our mutual liberation. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  
Fee is $5/person with a $10/family maximum.  
Led by Linda Dukes and Leia Durland-Jones. To register, contact Leia by October 6.

Religious Education this Sunday for Children & Youth
Early Childhood Programs

Celebrating Me & My World (Infant through 3 year-olds at 9:15, Infant to Pre-K at 11:15 service) 
Our lesson  is "I Have Two Hands" and we will engage with a fun craft that celebrates the joy of using our hands to explore and engage with the world. We will also hear a story, light our chalice, have snack and play!
Spirit Play (4 & 5 year-olds and Kindergarten at 9:15 only
This week in Spirit Play we will hear a story about our 7 UU Promises (or Principles.) Children will be invited to use a variety of activities and materials for independent exploration of today's message. We will also light our chalice, share joys and sorrows and enjoy our "feast" (snack.) 
Elementary Programs

11:15 "Creating Home"  (K-1st grade)    
This Sunday we will learn about the UU chalice, the symbol of our faith. The session also introduces the hymn "Spirit of Life" as a symbol of Unitarian Universalist communities. We will hear a story, do a dance with the rainbow and work to design our own symbol of  faith. We will also continue to build on the experience of using the "little labyrinth" in room. 

9:15 & 11:15  "Signs of our Faith: Being UU Everyday" 
(1st-4th grades at 9:15 & 2nd-3th grades at 11:15)  
This session sets a stage and expectations for children to grow in Unitarian Universalist leadership. Participants share what they already know about leadership and they discover ways they can become faithful leaders in Unitarian Universalism and in other communities to which they belong. We will make a poster of leaders in our congregation, hear a story and then receive stoles children will wear, beginning with this session, to symbolize that they are Unitarian Universalist worship leaders.
11:15 "Toolbox of Faith" (4th and 5th grades)
Today's tool is the magnifying glass which symbolizes questioning and looking deeper! This session focuses on the value of questioning assumptions and wondering, "Why?" We will hear about astronomer and Unitarian Maria Mitchell, who embodied the truth-seeking quality of Unitarian faith in both her spiritual and scientific life. Maria Mitchell's story also illuminates the value of questioning gender stereotypes. The group will examine assumptions that are being questioned in the present day. All this takes place through story and active learning activities.
Youth Programs at 11:15 service
"Neighboring Faiths"  6th & 7th grades
This week our 6th & 7th graders focus on what it means to be a UU in preparation for a field trip to a UU congregation different than our own. Have you ever heard of an elevator speech? How would you explain Unitarian Universalism to an acquaintance on an elevator ride from the first floor to the eighth floor of a building? What would you say? We'll have snacks and fun too! Parents, watch your email for an announcement about the upcoming parent orientation meeting for this class.
Challenge: Coming of Age (8th & 9th grades)
This week's session focuses on our values--how do you know what your values are? Where do your values come from? How do you live your values? Can our values change? Come and share your thoughts and hear what others think too!  Of course, we'll have snacks!  

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)
Senior High Youth Group 
This Sunday the YRUU group will be talking and share about what it is like to be a high schooler. Come share your experiences and point of view in a loving and supportive community. Rumor has it that bagels will be part of the fun! 
Adult Faith Development Racial Justice Offerings
Unconscious Bias: I have it, how about you? Sunday October 1, 12:45-2:15, Sanctuary   . It is likely that we all are biased in some way, whether it is about race, gender, age, weight, sexual orientation, etc. Often we are unaware of these biases, and they may conflict with our underlying beliefs, attitudes and intentions. These biases impact our judgments and decisions in our interactions with others. This talk is aimed at helping people to recognize that they have biases, understand where they come from, and feel empowered as to what to do about them. Led by church member Dr. Greg Townsend, Associate Dean for Diversity at UVa. All are welcome.

Exploration of White Supremacy , Tuesday October 24 7PM, Lower Hall 2.   We know that white supremacy involves more than just Neo-Nazis and the KKK. But how is it defined? How is it different from white nationalism? Where can it be found in our everyday lives, from our culture to our institutions? Begin the work of dismantling white supremacy by learning how to see some of the fluid forms it takes, whether those forms are overt or hidden. Join Jen Smith and Amy Wissekerke as we explore and discuss together. The work is hard. The snacks will be good.
White Like Me by Tim Wise book discussion group , Tuesdays October 17, 24, Nov 7, 14   11:30-1:30 PM, Lower Hall Kitchen. White Like Me by Tim Wise, will spark an introduction to a four-part discussion of our own personal journey through our white-privileged society and how that privilege has been at the expense of others.  Told through a memoir, Wise uses stories instead of statistics to inspire and challenge the reader. Bring your own lunch. Led by Sara Gondwe.
Docent-led Tour of the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, Tuesday November 7, 2PM. Take a daytime docent lead tour of the exhibits at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.  "Built in 1926, the Jefferson School was Charlottesville's first African American high school, and for decades it stood as a beacon within the black community.  Students and families gathered to attend plays and meetings, use the library, and learn from teachers who seemed like family.  Today the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center celebrates Charlottesvillle's rich African American history and culture with historical and contemporary exhibitions as well as special events."   See the "Pride Overcomes Prejudice" and the exhibits. Fee is $5 to the Heritage Center. Sign up with Kate Fraleigh  

Other Adult Faith Development Offerings: 
Inquirers Series, Sunday, September 24, 12:45-2:15 in the church parlor with the topic "Q & A with members of the Ministry Staff." All are welcome-especially newcomers! Childcare and light refreshments provided. Come to all sessions or drop in as you are able. For more information, speak with Leia Durland-Jones or Rev. Wik.
Contemplative Worship, 11:30-12:30 PM. Join others on the outdoor labyrinth for this mid-week sacred pause. In addition to the labyrinth, stones are available for stacking/meditation under the oak tree outside  the social hall. Linger in the Remembrance Garden as you make your  way to the sanctuary for readings, reflection, meditation, candles of Hope and Remembrance and/or writing in the sands of Atonement and Forgiveness. Bring your journal and write. Close your eyes and rest.  Give yourself the gift of renewal during the week. All are welcome.  Come and go as you need.

Wednesday Wonderings, from 12:45-1:15 PM, Church Parlor.
Join us for thoughtful readings and discussions in an open-minded and open-hearted atmosphere. Take a mid-week break to feed your mind and spirit. Contact John Anderson

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