10 AM Sunday  - 7 pm Tonight for ReStart Training
All hands on deck!
Lighthouse in Children's Room
ReStart Training!
1. Tonight at 7 pm we will hold our final ReStart Training.  There are still volunteer spots we need to fill.  Come tonight and find your assignments. We need yard games: corn hole (bags), can jam, or other fun games you might have at home. We will talk over assignments for bouncy house, shave ice, lunch, and other important stations.  

2. No prayer meeting Thursday night. 
Thanks to those who came to the prayer service on Sunday night.  Since we had the prayer service Sunday, and ReStart Training tonight, we will not meet for prayer this Thursday night.

3. Check out the new children's ministry room!  Thanks to the loving labor of some great family members our children's room has a new look and feel.
Your neighbors will be receiving the flyer in the mail this week.  You can pick up copies tonight to hand out to friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members.  It is a great way to invite folks to our big day.
Fasting & Prayer
I want to encourage you to spend time praying and fasting for this new day in our church.  We want to give God all the glory and we want to build His kingdom through the lives of those in our community who do not know Him.
Friends in Attendance
  • Sunday we will welcome friends from the former Comunidad Cristiana Church.
  • Palabra de Vida will be canceling their regular worship service to join us Sunday morning.
  • We will also welcome the Mayor of Lake Worth Pam Triolo
  • Friends from Sunlight in Port St. Lucie including Pastor Scott and Andrea VanderPloeg.
  • Deb and I are thankful to have some of our friends from our church in Indiana in attendance as well.
  • Pastor Stan Workman a key leader in the Christian Reformed Church in Florida will be in attendance as well.
Prayer Concerns
  • Pray for the flyer as it arrives in thousands of homes in our community this week.
  • Pray for Jack Faber who is now under Hospice care at home.
  • Pray for Dolly Van Peursem who had surgery yesterday and is recovering in the hospital today.
  • Pray for Bub and Tani Dykstra, Tani's sister Marilyn has pancreatic cancer and is not doing well.
  • Pray for Gwen VanEss whose son Mark passed away on Tuesday, October 20.
  • Pray for unspoken needs in our church family.  As we place ourselves on the front lines of His Kingdom, we will face spiritual warfare that can only be overcome on our knees.
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