Robinson Memorial Presbyterian Church
126 S. Terry Road
Syracuse, NY 13219

This Week - October 28
Heritage Sunday is (for me) about the best Sunday of the year. At RMPC we generally come into worship with a bustle and many, many conversations, but on Heritage Sunday we add a level to everything. The excitement is palpable; the pipes warm up; and then it begins. The procession is loud and energizing. The Bible is proudly Kirked. It is placed on the lectern, and we begin. This is a service of pride and thanksgiving. Come, worship, and smile.

Then, make sure you plan to stay for the Harvest Dinner.

This Sunday is also my last service with you. Bill and I will miss you so much. I am confident we leave you in very good hands, there will, no doubt, be tears for all of us. I cannot imagine how another congregation could ever be as perfect for both Bill and myself. Thank you for so many good years. We leave with hearts full of love and spirits excited to see what God will do with RMPC, Elmwood, and the Martins now.
People & Prayers
Janet S. sends her best. She looks good and is still totally mentally capable.

Margaret Wood's service will be held in the spring at the convenience of the family.

Janet B's aunt, Ellen McCormick, died this week. Please be in prayer for the family. 

Please pray for Ray D. and his family. Ray had a car accident this week.

Please pray for victim of family violence.

On Monday, October 31, the office will close at 12:00 noon.
Kathy Conway Patterson (Nancy Conway's daughter) hosted Malala this week at her library.
Kathy had an unbelievable experience at school last week. Malala came to visit one of our 6th graders and the meeting took place on her library. She had the honor of meeting this amazing and courageous young woman.
This Week at RMPC
 Heritage Sunday with the Harvest Dinner
 Office closed at noon; Bible Study at 1:30 
 Syracuse Home Care (6:30)
 Wii Sports at 1:00; Choir at 7:00
 Worship with the Lord's Supper (Rev. Ginny Berglund Smith preaching)
 Dave's Cookin' at noon; Bible Study at 1:30

See you at church,