February 5 - 11, 2018 


We are working to keep our members informed about the happenings at El Gancho in a timely manner. Each week we will send a brief overview of what you can look forward to at El Gancho.

Our new website features a page showing the weekly fitness schedule. You can follow the link above or find it anytime at

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Gym  Lingo 101

"Working In"
Often you'll hear terms that aren't used anywhere except at the gym and they can sometimes be confusing. 

You may have heard the term "working in" or been asked 
"Can I work in?" 

This is how to ask if it's OK to grab a turn on a piece of equipment or weight area while you are resting between sets.

Keep in mind that it is good  gym  etiquette to allow someone to work in. It's polite to make sure everyone can get a turn on the equipment they need for their routine.

Also, please be aware that some people are too shy to ask. So you'll want to be conscious of people lingering near your machine or seeming to wait on you. Go ahead and offer to let them work in when you are resting between sets. Also, getting up off a machine for your rest and just standing next to it will help others know that you are not ignoring them or trying to monopolize the equipment. 

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Tuesday, February 13th
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Tuesday, February 20th
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Our final  lottery  of the indoor season will take place 

Saturday, February 10th 

at 9AM 

on the racquetball courts 


Registration sheets will be available at the front desk beginning Monday, January 29th. They are due by Thursday, February 8th. Please remember that if you are the primary contact for your group, you must be present at the lottery in order to get a time. This will be a 6 week block beginning Monday, February 19th and ending Friday, March 30th. Cost will be $198.00. 


Save the Date!


The El Gancho Open will take place 
Friday, June 8th through Sunday, June 10th. 

This will replace the Santa Fe Open as our major USTA sanctioned tournament of the year. We will be offering men's and women's NTRP 3.0-4.5 (singles and doubles), men's and women's open singles and doubles as well as NTRP mixed doubles 7.0-10.0. To sign up, please visit  and enter the tournament ID 750020518. We are also looking for sponsors to support this terrific event. If you are interested, please email

  El Gancho Fitness Swim and Racquet Club | 505-988-5000 |