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Moment for Reflection: Love One Another   
All summer, our beloved Christian school runs a summer camp. It is a fantastic program with many different activities for kids to engage in. One week out of each summer, our camp becomes Bible camp, and I have the distinct pleasure of teaching Bible stories, singing, and praying with the kids who attend.  
Each year, our stories center around a theme; this year's theme is "Love One Another", echoing Jesus' words in John 14. So, every day this week we explore a different story that involves people loving and caring for one another, particularly stories that involve people who are different from one another, or who are strangers to each other.  
These are lessons worth exploring at any age, which is why I share this in our weekly email. What are some ways you might love someone different from you? How might you care for someone you don't know?  
It is in answering these questions that we find one profound way of following the example of Jesus.  
God's peace be with you always.    
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