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Moment for Reflection: Sacramental...ish Sermon Series, Pt. 2

This Sunday we continue our seven week sermon series, Sacramental...ish, and I wanted to reflect a little more on what we are doing.

This past Sunday, Pastor Kevin, from Clifton Heights Church, UMC, preached to us about baptism,  and we were blessed to celebrate the baptism of one of the newest members of our church. It is no accident that we began this series with baptism, in fact I very much wanted to begin there.

This is because baptism is the sacrament that marks the beginning of our new lives in Jesus, and our lifelong relationships with God. Every other church ritual we engage in, whether we consider them sacraments or not, is based on the relationship that began with baptism. For example, when we participate in confession and forgiveness, which is not a sacrament (we'll talk about why on Sunday), we come before God confident that we will be heard and will receive forgiveness because we have already received the fullness of God's love in our baptism. As I said, this is where it all begins.

With that in mind, I look forward to continuing the series with you over the next several weeks.

God's peace be with you always.

Pastor Tim
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