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Upcoming Calendar
Sunday, August 5 - The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost 
8 am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
9:50 am - Infant/childcare available and Sunday School begins
10 am - Holy Eucharist in the Church with music; coffee & lemonade follows
Wednesday, August 8 - Dominic, Priest and Friar, 1221
10 am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

Friday, August 10 - Movie Night
8 pm - "The Karate Kid" on the Great Lawn sponsored by EYF

Sunday, August 12 - The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 
8 am - Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
9:50 am - Infant/childcare available and Sunday School begins
10 am - Holy Eucharist in the Church with music; coffee & lemonade follows
From the Rector
Dear Parishioners and Friends,

One of the great joys of life is travel. There are many types of travel: leisure, business, continuing education, and of course pilgrimage. Each of these reasons for travel serves a purpose: relaxation, fueling the engines of commerce, the pursuit of knowledge, or finding a "thin place" where heaven and earth seem to intersect. Let's focus on pilgrimage for a moment.

If you haven't already seen it, the most recent edition of " The Episcopal New Yorker " is dedicated to pilgrimage, and contains a number of thoughtful articles on the subject. In her message, Bishop Mary Glasspool writes,"One can actually travel to a sacred place and not make a pilgrimage. You can go to Stonehenge in England, the River Ganges in India, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, or St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and be a tourist. Cynthia Ozick writes that 'a traveler passes through the land or place; the place moves through the pilgrim.'" I would add that one can start out as a tourist and become a "reluctant pilgrim" as I have in places like Machu Picchu, the Alhambra, and the gardens of Versailles, where the the sublime and intrinsic beauty has the power to whisk one's heart into a state of ecstatic wonder.

Back in 2015 as a part of my sabbatical, I went on my first pilgrimage, which was offered to alumni of my alma mater, Loyola New Orleans. Several Jesuit fathers took a group of us through the Basque and Catalonian regions of Spain, where we prayerfully traced the life of St. Ignatius from his birthplace in Loyola to Barcelona. The experience is one I will never forget, and was highlighted by incredible scenery, spiritual growth, and a real sense of Christian unity--I was the only non-Roman Catholic, yet was treated as a "cousin" and brother priest by the Jesuits.

During the call process, a number of people expressed a longing to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, to see and experience the land that our Lord called home in his earthly life, along with his mother, disciples, and all of the other great figures of salvation history about whom we read in holy scripture. While very much in the nascent stages of planning, I have been in touch with the the Dean of St. James Cathedral in Chicago about organizing such a trip. The dean has been organizing pilgrimages in the Holy Land and England for decades and came highly recommended to me by several fellow priests.

Our pilgrimage would take place over the course of ten days in the beginning of February, 2020, and would include the major sites of religious and historical significance in Israel. In order to "learn the ropes," of leading a group in the Holy Land, the dean has invited me along on a special priests' pilgrimage this coming January, which I intend to do. Please do let me know if you are interested in this incredible opportunity to explore the roots of your faith with your parish community in February, 2020. It sounds like a long way off, but the sooner we plan, the better the experience will be!

Father Rick
Episcopal Youth Fellowship
It was great to see so many youth at our organization meeting before the last movie night and it's great to see so many young people interested in getting involved with community service!

Last Saturday, thanks to the help of six volunteers, we were able to raise $110 for the West Milford Animal Shelter at the Tuxedo Farmers' Market!! Our next visit to the market for the animal shelter will be on Saturday, August 11 and we are pleased to have 4 volunteers already signed up to help out.

We still have some volunteer opportunities available for kids wanting to help out, please contact us for more information.
Safe Church Training
The diocese offers Safe Church Training concerning both children and adults, in both in-person and web-based training formats. The training teaches participants to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and the behavior of sexual perpetrators, how to respond to those signs and behaviors when they are observed, and provides screening information to help stop abuse before it happens.

For the staff, volunteers, and leadership of St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo, this training is mandatory, and a refresher is required every five years. It is offered by the diocese free of charge, and anyone can sign up. If you would like to take the in-person course, please see the flyer below and click on it to register. If you would prefer the web-based course, please contact Father Rick , and he will see that you are registered.
All are truly welcome at St. Mary's, which is located within the historic gates of Tuxedo Park and serves the entire Tuxedo community. Please tell the gatehouse you're going to St. Mary's, proceed thru the gates and we're on the right (plenty of parking available).
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