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The First Church in Swampscott
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Euphorbia Milii
Crown of Thorns


Cathy in the Church Office is still receiving contributions for the Easter Offering to E.C.C.O. through the end of April.  It was good to have Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin offer a mission moment on Easter Sunday about this important work in the community. 

As Pastor Ian sadly informed us by email earlier this week, our E.C.C.O. partners suffered a huge loss on Easter Sunday with the senseless murder of Leonardo Clement, and the shooting of another man. 
C lick here for more on this. Thank you for supporting E.C.C.O., and please continue to keep Muriel Clement, her family, and church family at Zion Baptist in prayer, as she has lost her dear son to violence on the streets of Lynn on Easter afternoon.

Dear Church,

Pastor Ian is taking a well deserved post-Easter rest (well he was trying to do that, but sad events got in the way).  In any case,  I am writing to send you greetings this week.  I hope you were able to participate in some or all of the services through Holy Week...they were really special. Thanks to Pastor Ian, Patty Clarke, and all who read, prayed, lit candles, sang, played instruments, arranged flowers, and cooked for us throughout the days preceding Easter, as well as Easter Sunday. And thanks to all those who attended the services, culminating in a full sanctuary on Easter Sunday.   Christ is risen, thanks be to God.

An awesome concert is coming up this Sunday at 3 PM.   Bringing  their  Sweet Harmonies to  our sanctuary will be  Brittany Betts and Patty Clarke, joined by Thomas Palance, for the last in this year's Soli Deo Gloria concerts on April 23rd.  Read more about this in April Chime Notes.  This will be an amazing concert (well, they all are)!

Note that Ham it Up (our annual church family talent show) is coming up on May 5th.  Thanks to Dan Ryan in talent acquisition, who has seared these details into our brains!  Dan is still seeking acts for the talent portion of the evening.  Sharon Thomas and I are coordinating the dinner portion, which will be a Cinco de Mayo (Mexican) theme.  More details to be shared in the next issue.  This event is a fundraiser for our church kids to attend summer camp.

Speaking of these kids, news alert.....the Big THREE turn 14 on Sunday!  For those who remember the DeMelo triplets in their infant carriers, this is nearly unbelievable. If you see them on Sunday, please wish Kiki, Nick, and Lauren DeMelo a VERY happy birthday.

In closing, I wrote down something that Pastor Ian said on advisement to "Live a life worthy of the life God has granted you".  I will let that be today's final thought.

Blessings to all,
Janet Fischer